Valentine's ReCap + Crate Paper Tutorial

Today I thought I'd recap our Valentine's now that the dust has settled around here, and the dishes are finally done! Ha! This is was the kid's breakfast - at least the fruit part. I didn't have time to create a big morning thing this year because it was still a school day, so strawberries with sprinkles, a mini scoop of ice cream, then Cheerios was their Valentine's breakfast. 2011_valentinesHere's how the final Valentine's turned out. I just love how they turned out. Super fun and super easy! Gotta love easy and customized at the same time - plus cheap! 2011_Val_giving_AHI'm one of the room parents for my daughter's class, so we were there when they were all handing out their Valentines. It was complete chaos! Then . . .2011_Valentines_P_AHthis little guy had to sit, waiting for them to finish with his eyes fully focused on the class snack we brought - strawberries and a special health-ish Valentine's trail mix (Chex cereal, dried cherries, yogurt covered raisins, and the fun part - conversation hearts, mini marshmallows and chocolate chips). The kids all loved it. But again - 3rd graders at party time = chaos. Bravo to all those teachers out there - I honestly do not know how you do it - especially if you have kids at home, too. wow.

When we got home we did our family giving. My daughter always makes us a special gift - usually with a funny twist. This year this is what she gave her brother . . .

Hilarious!! We were all laughing! She took pictures of everyone and put googly eyes on them with my glue dots.!2011_val_dinnerThen this was dinner - pink heart shaped pancakes, strawberries, raspberries, whipped cream and sprinkles, veggie bacon, pink milk with purple sugared rimmed glasses. I think they liked it - even if it was for dinner and not breakfast! Thank goodness. :)2011_Val_roseThen there's my hubby. He didn't get home till about 7:30 but that morning he surprised me with a rose plant, a box-o-chocolates then, he being the silly (and creative) guy he is, rather than the traditional card - he left me a card on our Wii U-draw:2011_Val_LovenoteGotta love him! ;)

It was a great day. My cup runneth over with love in this home! :D

Also, on Valentine's Day it was may tutorial day over at the Crate Paper blog

Intro_Image_Origami-CardThe tutorial mostly focuses on creating this origami pocket heart that I created for this cute little S.W.A.K. card. If you didn't see it already, make sure you check it out here. I love these origami hearts. How fun would they be as pockets for journaling on a layout, or as a garland? Love them! You'll see I put a cute little tag in the card when it was finished on the Crate post. Very fun.

I'm going to finish it up there. Because I for one, am ready to move on from Valentine's right into, well, Spring. I've had e-nough of all the snow we have piled up all over, and I'm ready for it to melt away, stat! So bring on the warm weather! Today it's supposed to get up to a whopping 40 degrees, and, I'll take it! Have a great day!! ;)