January Publications


CARDS - January 2011 - Page 109 - Northridge Media

Happy weekend everyone! I hope you are having a relaxing, and probably crafty one! I thought I'd share some fun places my work showed up in January. The tag above is one of my favorite photos of my work thus far. It's just so pretty and really shows off the colors in the tag. I REALLY love the care that they take with each photo at all the Northridge Media publications. It really makes you feel like you've created something special.


CARDS - January 2011 - Page 116-117 - Northridge Media

January was extra special in the sense that I was asked to be the Designer of the Month for CARDS! Very fun, but I must tell you a story about how this feature came to be on my end. CARDS_Stor2y_AH_Jan2011

CARDS - January 2011 - Page 118-119 - Northridge Media

Last summer, I spent 5 weeks with my extended family in Washington and once my husband arrived, I was leaving to hit up CHA - for the very first time! I was a bundle of nerves, excitement, anxiousness, you name it. I hadn't flown or been anywhere without my kids - alone - for close to 8 years. Stress. So, once my "vacation" was up, I was off to Chicago to CHA. Everything was going great. I was having a fab time.Then I think it was the second to last day before CHA ended, I get the email requesting to be the feature. Ummmm - YES! But oh, by the way , we need 6 cards from you by end of the week! YIKES. CARDS_Story_AH_Jan2011

CARDS - January 2011 - Page 120-121 - Northridge Media

I was frantic. Luckily I was able to get a few day extension (thanks, Alisha!). I got my cards done, and sent them off. Then, the headshots I sent were not clear enough - need to get new headshot. UGH. I detest having my picture taken. Mostly because I had pudged up over the last few years to a point I'm not proud of. So this shot was the best we could do with my husband at the helm of a camera he'd never picked up before. Oh, well, it all worked out and the story is awesome! I'm so grateful to have had this opportunity from CARDS and Northridge Media. What an honor!

Note: I'm happy to say that since this photo I've gone down a size in my jeans, face is a bit thinner and my husband is now allowed to use my camera - a little and with my assistance. LOL2Peas_Jan2011
Then, on top of all this, Two Peas. LOVE them! I'm always stunned when one of my projects ends up in the Top 3 in the Gallery. What a thrill to see that people enjoy your craft! My 'Valentine's Day banner' made it into the top 3 Bookmarks and I was so excited to see that!! I think it's especially fun to see, when it's a project you are really are proud of, and this one is still on my mantel! :)

And then, at Two Peas, right now make sure check out Jen Gallacher's Stretch Your Sketch Challenge. Again, so fortunate to have been one of her guests on January's challenge!! Such an awesome sketch, from an equally awesome lady! Make sure to check it out!

Thanks so much for stopping by today! I'll be using my time to scrap my little heart out!! Starting . . . .NOW! ;)