SRM Stickers :: CHA Recap

SRM Stickers. Crazy fun. I'm telling you, there is something really special about seeing a company go from near complete obscurity into wild success. Don't get me wrong, SRM Stickers has successfully been around in the industry for ages. But, because of the stigma surrounding stickers with consumers, this little company was not in the mainstream until this past year. Thanks to a fantastic Design Team, new innovations, a fantastic communications director and a savvy owner, this little brand has catapulted itself into mainstream paper crafting! And I saw it first-hand. Store owners were coming to the booth saying, "I heard that I HAD to see you guys." I sat and made make n takes several times at the booth, mostly to store owners who'd never used the product, and they left saying "Ooooh, now this is SO cool! I have to get these!" Orders made. Deals sealed. So. Much. Fun seeing that kind of enthusiasm! It is contagious!TUBESCARDS_TABLE_SRM
I did a couple fun things for SRM Stickers at the show. One, you can see part of in the picture above in the bottom right corner. I created a set of 12 cards and a box front, using the limited supplies that I had on-hand (trimmer, scallop border punch, scissors and a circle punch) with some of the brand spankin' new Girl's Paperie papers while in my hotel room one afternoon. It was great, because I needed to simplify, use the stickers to their grandest potential and not sew on a single one! LOL And it was super easy! I'll be showing you that project in detail once it makes its way back to me here soon.

One of the other great things I was able to do while at the show was assist in the sold out SRM Stickers class of 148 store owners. I have to give major props to Laura (SRM's Art Director) and John (Susan's husband) who painstakingly put together all these kits, including hand cutting and scoring 148+ boxes for each participant. There were oodles of projects packed into 2 short hours of class time, and from the sounds of it, everyone was able to create everything! So much fun!SRM_Class1 SRMClass3

For the class, I helped to set up, assemble and from time to time show off a project to the participants while they created. Not much labor, but it was fun to see the excitement from the retailers.TUBES_SRM_TABLE

One of the major enthusiasm generators, is a NEW product that may or may not be pictured above. It's not really a secret, especially since it was a-BUZZ at the booth, but let's just see if you can spot it!?

Here is another pic from the booth of Susan and me. I feel so short next to Ms. McShirley - I'm 5'6" so she's got to be at least 5'11" She's tall! We were both really thrilled at everything happening at the show!


Well, that about does it for today. I am working on some fun stuff for SRM Stickers using some YUMMY-LICIOUS new papers from manufacturers that just debuted at CHA - SOOOO excited about that! So watch for that here soon! And make sure to check out the SRM Stickers blog. I won't be on it regularly any more but a fresh crop of uber talented designers are about to start showing you their fresh ideas on how to use these fabulous stickers!

Tomorrow I'm going to show you a carnival themed layout using Studio Calico and Sassafras! So fun and so in line with the carnival trend I spotted at the show. Love it! Have a fabulous Tuesday!