UPDATE: Sneaky Peaky :: The Crate Paper Countdown!

It's t-minus about 24 hours when Crate Paper is about to start the official unveiling of it's 4, yes, 4 NEW collections!! Eeeek!!  I CANNOT wait - I'm dying!! My box o' goodies is set to arrive anytime today, and I haven't seen them yet, and it's like pure torture!!

Here's the update:This was JUST added to Crate Paper's FB page!! EEEEEEK!!!!


PLUS - have you seen this?? Crate has teamed up with Studio Calico for February's kit and has some limited edition pieces custom made just for this kit! Make sure you check it out over at Studio Calico! The sneaks that their DT have created are gor-geous!


Now back to the sneaks for the big Crate Paper reveal tomorrow and Friday!

Here's what's been reveiled so far:



These images are part of the "girl's" collection. I'm not telling the actual name of the collection just yet . . .  ;)



Then there's these little bit pieces from the "boy" collection. And I guarantee you this is NOT just an "army" themed collection!! This is such a little snippet - you will NOT believe how well rounded and gorgeous this kit is!! Think, Restoration, muted.


Then there's this last little tid bit from the 3rd release. Ahhh. I can't wait for this one!! The grey, the yellow, the texture - please!!! AND there's a fourth collection, I can hardly wait!!

So, make sure you have your readers set up to the Crate Paper Blog so that when it's time, you can see immediately when it all goes live tomorrow!! You won't want to miss it!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!! ;)