Snowy Saturday . . . and Sunday . . and . . .


This is what I woke to this morning. It was a BEAUTIFUL sunrise. That is one thing I love about losing the leaves on the back of our property. We get amazing sunrises through the trees - gorgeous.

SnowymorningThe kids were super excited when they got their first view of the 1' of snow that fell last night. We knew it snowed, and we knew how much, but it's something to see it fresh first thing in the morning!

When my husband got home last night, he had to park his car a the bottom of the mile long road that leads up to our house because the town plows hadn't come through. He's not had to do that since 2007 when we first moved in. Then, he had his car plowed-in with snow the next morning. We haven't ventured out to see what happened to his car yet this morning, but I'm guessing that parking his car OFF the road this time was a better idea! He he!SnowbackyardHere's a wider view of our backyard. This is taken from our playroom, through the window. I couldn't open the door to the back of the house without snow coming in!

Not sure how much is coming, but some friends are telling me that we are about to get another storm this week! Yikes. Hopefully the plows are going to keep up and the kids' schools don't get cancelled againl! Welcome to January in Connecticut! :)