December Pubs & Other Fun!

Hi there everyone! If you are anything like me, you are still getting back into the groove of regular routines post holidays. This morning what super hectic - my lovely daughter forgot her backpack for school - this was AFTER we already had missed the bus! So we had to rush back home get that then off to my son's preschool - of course he was late, too. Now, I'm just remembering the things that we have scheduled for this afternoon, including a half day of school. Ugh. Then we're supposed to get more snow later this week.LOL - if school is out one more day I think I'm going to pull my hair out!

Anyhoo, since I haven't finished up my December mini yet, I thought I'd share some fun stuff that happened in December. It was my most pub'd month by far since I started the pub journey back in January, last year. I've been so fortunate in that department! Although I must say, there have been several months here it seems, that I haven't submitted, so I am aching to get back into the groove. Over this upcoming weekend, I think things will loosen up and get back on track. :)


Scrapbook Trends | December 2010 | Pg 81 | Northridge Media

(I just LOVE this photograph!! It's one of my favorites of all my pubs so far. I absolutely am in love that white tree in the background! It's so funky and fresh looking and makes me happy! ;)


CARDS Magazine | December 2010 | COVER | Northridge Media | You Tube HERE


CARDS Magazine | December 2010 | Pg 23 | Northridge Media


Scrapbook Trends | CREATE: Christmas Cards Special Edition 2010 | Pg 20-21 | Northridge Media

CreateXmasCards_2010_Pg36_AHScrapbook Trends | CREATE: Christmas Cards Special Edition 2010 | Pg 36 | Northridge Media


Scrapbook Trends | CREATE: Christmas Cards Special Edition 2010 | Pg 54 | Northridge Media


Scrapbook Trends | CREATE: Christmas Cards Special Edition 2010 | Pg 75 | Northridge Media


Scrapbook Trends | CREATE: Christmas Cards Special Edition 2010 | Pg 107 | Northridge Media

What a fun month it was for me! Crazy thing is that many of these cards (and cards from the 12 Days of Christmas Series) were all created back in about May/June timeframe! So that was a fun way to start off the summer! ;) The last little thing I want to share was this from Two Peas.Screen-capture-32 

Thank you to everyone who stopped by and took at look at my mini album. It's sitting right next to me now awaiting me to finish, and I PROMISE I will be sharing those images here really soon! ;) So much fun! I simply cannot believe that that mini album has been viewed 650 times - it's totally crazy to me!

Well, I am going to wrap it up there. I have so many ideas running through my head right now for projects, I cannot wait to have the time to sit down for an extended period of time, probably over this weekend to execute them and share them all with you! You guys are the best!

Have a wonderful day!!