This Past Week . . .

(If you are looking for all the info on how to change your RSS feeds and all that good stuff in order to follow my NEW blog please click here for my previous post. Otherwise, if you've already updated all that mumbo-jumbo then let's carry on! ;)


WOW! Hi everyone! Welcome to my new blog! This past week has been a whirlwind! I haven't done any crafting in what seems like ages! - YIKES - But I've not been bored - no sir! Here's a little bit of what's been going on in my world . . . .2011_xmas_4_AHThere's been Christmas (yay!),2011_Xmas_AH2

a blizzard (boo!),20111_Blizzard_AH(This is a picture from our kitchen window of a drift against our house. We couldn't open this door. We got about 18" of show and this drift was at least 3-4' high against our house.2011_blizzard2_AHWe have a 3' rock wall that extends across the front of our property. You are seeing our neighbors house - but you CAN'T see our rock wall!! It was CRAZY! Luckily the plow came through! ;)2011_cookies_AH

Cookie making . . . 

extended road trips to see family (yay!) that included sledding 


ridiculously high hills (SCARY)Wiifun playing with the cousins - learning Mario Bros on the wiiTwisterplaying twister and just having a great time .. Giantpancakesthen there were the giant (AND I MEAN GIANT) pancakes - the size of large pizzas!! (WOO HOO!), long road trips back home, family stays (yay!), New Years (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz),2011_knit_AH and learning how to knit (SO COOL!).

So, in other words, I've not been up to anything really, have I!? Oh, yeah, and this place here . . . an all new Blog!! Phew! I'm tired just thinking about it all!! There more that we did, too, it's just we still have family staying with us until Tuesday and I can only get so much done right now.  BUT I will be back a little later this week with lots of craftiness!! Because I am about to go straight into withdrawls if I don't get my craft on soon! ;)

So, until then THANK YOU so much for making the transition with me to my new blog! This year is going to be great!! Have a WONDERFUL Monday and Happy New Year!!

;) Amy