2010 Highlights

I just went back in time and found my list of things I wanted to do/change in 2010, and looking back at them, I did achieve some accomplishments, and for those that I didn't, I feel strongly that they are still things that I am hoping to move towards.

Here were my goals for 2010 - Let's see how I did:

1) Take better care of myself, physically and emotionally.
- UPDATE: This is always an ongoing process for me, but I think this year I've made some pretty great strides in the right direction. I even went down a size in my jeans!! Woot!

2) Take more time to scrapbook 
- UPDATE: This I did, and I am so very thankful for it! I think 2010 was the year of "scrapbooking" for me.

3) Spend more time with friends
 - UPDATE: yah, didn't do this as much as I had hoped, but I've made some great new friends both here in CT and in blogland. I can't wait to see these people again at CHA later in January!

4) Utilize a babysitter more often 
- UPDATE: We did do this, until our regular sitter moved to go away to college. Now the job is to find a new sitter!

5) Submit 25 cards for publication - hope that at 5 are picked
- UPDATE: 21 cards were published!!! WOW!!

6) Submit 10 layouts for publication - hope that 1 is picked 
- UPDATE: 5 layouts were published including a cover and a layout in Creating Keepsakes - which is more than I ever imagined!!!

7) Read more books - try to read 1/month
 - UPDATE: I read 2 books this year, I don't think that counts!

8) Begin training for a tri-athalon
 - UPDATE: not so much. I think this year I'll be more realistic about this and try for somthing a little more attainable, like my first 5k.

9) Take a photography class
 - UPDATE: got my new camera in January, discovered how to use the Aperture mode, but still not on Manual, nor do I know what Aperture is LOL

 10) Learn to knit - I'd love to be able to take on Vogue Knitting, someday!
 - UPDATE: nope, but my MIL did and she sent me the most gorgeous scarf, my DD a gorgeous knit fish 

11) Buy and wear my first pair of high heels - it's so cute to wear with jeans!
 - UPDATE: still looking

12) Get back into my single digit sized jeans!
 - UPDATE: no, but I DID go down one size in my jeans! Woot!!

13) Volunteer with my family during the holidays
 - UPDATE: we didn't GO anywhere and volunteer yet, but we did work together as a family to decide on a charity to donate to for the year : Heifer.org

14) Visit NYC all four seasons
- UPDATE: we didn't even go once! That's horrible!

15) Go to DC and stay with family in Baltimore
 - UPDATE: still a trip we need to plan - hopefully this spring

16) Take a much needed vacation to Napa with hubby for 10th anniversary
- we didn't do this for our vacation unfortunately, but hoping something bigger in the next couple years.

17) Create more, buy less.
- UPDATE: I did do more on this front. I really never imagined I would create as much as I have this past year!

18) Go to a minor league baseball game
 - UPDATE: I didn't but my son and husband did! So I guess I did vicariously! ;P

19) Go to Maine
 - UPDATE: planned to, but of course didn't 

20) Do more, analyze less.
 - UPDATE: I think I was able to do that more

21) Get more organized
- UPDATE: Yes and no - that's a continuing process. My scrap room is MUCH more organized now, though, so that's a plus!

22) Continue using coupons - this year I save over $1000 in groceries just by clipping! Awesome! I'm trying for $1500 this year!
UPDATE: I actually did horribly this year. I rarely used coupons and shame on me for that! It's throwing away money! I HAVE to get my papers organized this year and that's part of the reason why.

23) Attend a crop weekend with friends 
UPDATE: better yet, I went to CHA in Chicago and am going AGAIN in January!

24) Do something that is outside of my comfort zone
 - UPDATE: yah, didn't do this as much as I had hoped

25) Utilize Allrecipes.com and Epicurious.com more

 - UPDATE: I am doing more of this, although not as much as I'd like

SO 2010, was a mixed bag, I guess, on getting my goals accomplished. But I suppose that isn't so bad. One thing I can definitively say about 2010, is that it has flown by like no other year I can remember. How does time do this? I guess things have been great and that's why time has flown by. Because they say time flies when you're having fun, and so much of this year was fun and exciting! I am truly thankful for everything that has come my way this year. 

I have several posts today! I'll be uploading the next here shortly!! 

Have a wonderful day and Happy New Year!