We have winners!! Yes we do!!! I must say I was so impressed with the number of people who participated in the word search! That takes dedication to check back for those little hidden words!! Thank you so much to everyone who participated!! I was so excited to see that you were all enjoying the process! Now a few people were either confused about the time that they were supposed to get their entry in for the word search, just forgot until a day later, or submitted a couple days early so I had to eliminate those entries, unfortunately. But there were a handful of ladies who were right on the money with their email submissions of the word search.

As promised here's a screen shot of who sent in their emails to the closest possible times to 3:01EST.

As you can see, Karen Baker you are the winner of the Word Search Game for the 12 Days of Christmas Cards Series of 2010!! What a close race!!! WooHoo!! Poor Ashley - she thought you had to literally stay up that late to send the email. Just so you know for next time,  you should be able to pre-schedule your email for a certain time if you'd like (he he!). Big hugs, Ashley!! I really was feeling for you when I saw you say that! ;)

The correct answer for the word search was:

What are you going to make for yourself this 2010 Holiday Season?

This is what Karen had to say about what she was making herself: 
'I have already made a special gift basket to myself to include Bath and Body works Lotion and a few crafting supplies!'

Wow, Karen, that's awesome that you put together a basket for yourself!! Good for you! 
Now you're going to get a box-o-goodies to go along with your own gift! Please email me your addy and I will get that out to you sometime next week.

Now for the RANDOM drawing from those that entered 2+ cards into the sketch challenge . . . . drum roll puhleeeez. . . .

First all the players that submitted 2+ cards for the card sketches. 
(We had several who submitted 1 but the rule was 2.)
Then I placed all the names in a cup (that I'm going to be using in a layout here soon! LOL)
Had very excited little boy be the official drawer . . .
first he played with them a little, (you know to build up the drama), then . . .

. . .he drew Bethany!! Congratulations Bethany you are the random winner for the 12 Days of Christmas Card Series of 2010!! Such wonderful cards you made!! If you want to check out Bethany's or anyone else's submissions check out the  FLICKR GALLERY HERE. I am still so stoked at how many cards everyone made! Hopefully you've mailed them off or will be giving them away over today and tomorrow! Bethany please email me your addy when you get a chance and your box-o-goodies will be sent out next week, too! ;)

Again, thank you all so much for playing!! I had a super SUPER time playing with you all, getting to know you and watching your creative juices flow! I hope you all have a glorious memorable, safe and joyous holiday over the next couple days. I'll be back in a couple with another installment of my Crate Paper December mini album and some fun other stuff, too!! Until then {{{{BIG HUGS}}}}} and Merry Christmas to you all!! 

Amy ;)