Christmas Preparations In High Gear

I feel like I'm sooo behind. Yet, I still seem like I have most things done. Well, as much as they're going to get done, I should say. I don't have to put on any big dog and pony show for Christmas out here, which is both good and bad. It's just us and the kids. But the gifts are bought (except a few last minute stocking stuffers) and many of our projects are complete. I still have a few cards to get sent out today in hopes that they'll be delivered tomorrow. That's a trouble with hand-making cards- I think. Just when you think you are done, someone sends you one that you forgot to put on your original list, and there goes the crafting again. LOL

Since my daughter still has a full day of school today some last minute things like sugar cookies and a couple crafts for the tree will be done tomorrow when both the kids are home. My husband has been working terrible hours and I think I mentioned last week he fell down our stairs while carrying several boxes and broke at least one if not two ribs and his nose. So he's been able to do very little when he is at home. It's been a hectic whirlwind of a week I tell ya'. Luckily he's starting to feel better (last night was the first night in over a week he's been able to lay down in our bed- he's been sleeping upright on the couch the whole time since he fell). So, with him out of commission, some things have had to slide and other things have needed to get done in their place. The kids both had their holiday celebrations in their classes over the last couple days which was nice to see. :)

They are both SO excited - it's driving me a bit crazy, if I'm being totally honest. My 4 year old is out of his gourd with excitement wanting to open presents every minute and saying "It's taking FOR.E.V.E.R!!!!" I've had to threaten phone calls to Santa on more than one occasion. LOL. My daughter's been beyond awesome about everything. She recognizes the stress that it's taken on me the last couple weeks and she really is trying to help out as much as she can. I LOVE the age she's at. Even thought she's really become dubious of Santa's existence as of late - a little sad for me I must say. I thought it was hilarious though, because this morning she decided she was going to find the definitive answer to whether Santa exists or not. This is what she created:

Hahahahahahahaha! I love this!
I thought I'd also show you 5 of the 6 (yes, it's a little overboard!) Christmas trees we have up this year. 
Entryway tree with "old fashioned" traditional decorations. Many are from our childhood.
My son's tree. This is a new addition this year. Can you tell who decorated it?! One guess - look at the bookshelf in the back! ;)
Here's one of the ornaments I got him this year. He's ALL about trucks!
Next is my daughter's tree. Suddenly she's become an ULTRA girlie girl and wanted a purple tree in her room this year, so like her brother she got a tiny little tree in her room too. It's a little over decorated, but that's her style! 
Then there's the "kids'" tree. This is full of fun untraditional colors, their home-made ornaments, and funny little ornaments like My Little Pony, Sesame Stree, etc, from when they were really little. This sits in our family room.

Then there's this tree-type ornament holder. We have a small collection of ornaments that are hand-painted on the interior of the glass. We love these. But they are very fragile so this one sits up on our entertainment center where it's not easily within reach. I think tomorrow, I'll share a pic of our main live tree. It's my favorite. ;) 
I'm going to wrap it up there, friends. Remember, I'll also be sharing the winners for the 12 Days of Christmas Cards games tomorrow so make sure to stop by! I can't wait! The excitement is palpable you guys! I am so excited that so many of you have participated! It really warms my heart! 
I hope to see you tomorrow! If not, please have a wonderful holiday!!!
Amy ;)