On the 10th Day of Christmas Cards, Amy brought to me . .

Today is the 10th Day of Christmas Cards here on my blog. If you've missed the previous nine installments, click here to see all the posts from the beginning, to start from the beginning with us! We have 2 games going on that include prize packs, so make sure you play along. Or simply join us to get your creative mojo flowing in order to complete your own handmade Holiday Cards!
. . . a lesson on going back to your originals. Yep, for this card, the concept and much of the design was created over a year ago. I loved the main part of it, but didn't like the other, so before sending it out to family/friends this year, I wanted to make it "right". 
Here's how it turned out the second time around. It's just 'tighter' and more colorful. Are you curious to see the original?
Here's the "Before" originally blogged here, in 2009. 
 This is something I would totally encourage you to try. Take a step back. If there's something you don't love about one of your projects, it's probably because you have another idea in mind, even if it isn't conscious initially. Even as just an exercise, this is fun to do, because you never know what you may come up with! I sometimes make a habit of doing this, especially on my layouts. I need to "sleep on it" if you will, to come back with a refreshed view. 
Here's a look at a couple of the additions I made including layering with dimension all the background layers, and then adding scalloped layers to the bottom patterned paper. I also created a computer generated sentiment which I love. It really makes it look professional. So are you ready for the sketch?
10th Day of Christmas Cards Sketch

Remember, if you choose to play along, you have a few ways of showing me your fabulous creation! 
1) link it to your blog and post that link here in the comment section
2) email it to me
3) upload it directly to our flickr gallery 
Also, I received a fabulous question from Ashley - Do the cards have to be a Christmas theme to be considered for the prizes? Absolutely not! They can be any theme- for sure!! Happy Birthday, Thank You, whatever you like! You only have to play with 2 of the sketches to be considered! Great question, Ashely! 
Well friends, that concludes today's post!! Make sure you are checking in all weekend! I'm sure there's another one coming soon . . . hint hint! Happy crafting!! Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a wonderful day!