Little Black Dress :: December Kit :: Day 2

I just *finished* my Christmas shopping online. Well, most of it anyway. Right after I write this I am heading out to finish it. I love that I can do most everything online. Saves so much time and hassle during the holidays. But I am still stumped on what to get the hubster. He never reads this but in the off- chance that he does, I'm going to not mention what the kids and I have thought of. 
Yes, I know it's last-minute, and no I still haven't sent my Christmas Cards out. YIKES, I know. Since having kids, I've become a last-minute kinda girl in just about everything that I do. I try to squeeeeeeeze as much out of the time that that isn't "required" of me to do things and wait for the things that are required of me to the last minute. I'm not really liking that part of how the last um, 8 years have gone in this regard, so this upcoming year I'm going to try to do better. Especially since this handsome guy (above) is now heading into the almost-5 age range. ;)
Today I'm bringing you a couple layouts I completed from the December's Little Black Dress Kit Club kit, Sincerely Fond. And I must say I am 'sincerely fond' of both of them - but for very different reasons. This first one, is very fun, colorful and all about happiness - that's what my kids are all about for me and it's a real reflection of my core outlook on life and my design style. The second is much darker. It's something that I've been struggling with scrapping for a while - something about me. The side of me I am always struggling with and let very few people see into about me.  
For now, here's a closer look at all the yummies that are included in the Sincerely Fond kit - gorgeous I tell ya! Perfect for a silly Christmas time photo like these of my son and his teeny, tiny (real) snowman!

For this next layout, I really love the design and colors, but the essence of this layout is about the daily struggle I have internally. I have been through several traumatic events in my life, none of which anyone should have to endure.  Yet somehow, I've managed to make it through them. The few individuals outside of my family, I have entrusted with these memories have been shocked because I am a 'high functioning' and 'high achieving' individual. The truth is, I internalize everything. Instead of focusing on those things, I try to make those who are close and trusted the absolute focus of my life, sometimes to a fault. It works most of the time, but when I have those moments alone, memories just seep into me. I sometimes feel like the proverbial "tortured artist". Maybe I need to embrace that -I'm not sure. They are events that have molded me for better or for worse. In any case, instead of making my first "real" layout about myself "picture perfect", and all about the wonderful stuff in my current life, I decided to take this broken part of me head-on and acknowledge it through my layout.

I could go into detail about some of the decisions I made with this page and their possible symbolisms, but I think I'll keep some of that close to my heart. You can probably tell, this is a very difficult subject for me, so I appreciate your willingness to "listen" softly. I'm honestly grateful for this kit and what came out of this page for me. It's something that I've needed to do, and I'm just so happy with the result. Now I can move on! LOL

Thank you so much for stopping by today! I promise I'll be chipper and back on my game with the next installment for the 12 Days of Christmas Cards - which will be back soon!

Have a wonderful, wonderful Wednesday. ;)

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