On the 6th Day of Christmas Cards, Amy brought to me . .

Today is the 6th Day of Christmas Cards here on my blog. If you've missed the previous five installments, click here to see all the posts from the beginning, to start from the beginning with us! We have 2 games going on that include prize packs, so make sure you play along. Or simply join us to get your creative mojo flowing in order to complete your own handmade Holiday Cards!
a super cute cork gingerbread man and an adorable matching card!
Okay, this is another card I just LOVE. This little cork gingerbread cookie was inspired by these absolutely adorable gingerbread cookies printed on this paper by October Afternoon:
You wanna know how I did it? It was so easy! I scanned a gingerbread man from the paper and resized it in my photo software to the size I wanted my little cork cookie on my card. Then I printed it, and cut it out for using as a template to cut out my cork. I just drew the outline directly onto the cork with a pencil, then trimmed him out! To finish him off, I used two brown brads for his eyes, a white opaque pen for the frosting which I freehanded by referring to the originals on the printed paper. Then I added red buttons on his belly, and then, probably the toughest part - I punched 1/8" hole punches out of red cardstock. Then one by one, glued them onto his cute little smile. That took a little time, because those little circles were so small, and to get to get just the right curve was a little tricky. But surely you could achieve the same effect by using Stickles or something else. Other than that, this was a very easy fun card to put together, and anyone can do it! 
 6th Day of Christmas Cards Sketch
Now for another little bit of inspiration! I about fell over when I saw this! I am going to HAVE to try this over the weekend with my daughter. 
Are these not the most gorgeous specimens of handcut snowflakes ever?????? I love their modern graphic feel!!! In. LOVE., I tell ya, IN. LOVE.!! How AWESOME would these be on a card or layout - please!! Gorgeous!!

Well, friends, I will leave you with that. I hope to see more and more samples in the flickr gallery over the weekend!! Can't wait to see what you all come up with!! Can you believe the series is already half over? Yep!! It's not to late, though! Click here and you can see all the posts in a row! Have a wonderful day! And thanks so much for stopping by!