On the 4th Day of Christmas Cards, Amy brought to me . .

Today is the 4th Day of Christmas Cards here on my blog. If you've missed the previous three installments, please go back to the first post here, to start from the beginning with us! We have 2 games going on that include prize packs, so make sure you play along. Or simply join us to get your creative mojo flowing in order to complete your own handmade Holiday Cards!
. . . a joyous card filled with untraditional happy colors! Happy Wednesday friends! And welcome to another installment of my 12 Days of Christmas Cards Series! I'm so glad you're here!
Is it okay for me to say I love this card? I LOVE this card. This is the card, that I would love to receive. The only change I would make looking back on this card is adding a small splash of bling to the center of that snowflake. But I do LOVE that snowflake! It's from Collage Press and all the other papers and chipboard are from Cosomo Cricket's Jolly By Golly collection - which I LOVE. I'm GOING to be sad when that one retires. :(

I've been asked, how do you make your stitches stand out so well on your cards and layouts. The answer is simple. On my old sewing machine, I could only use "heavy duty" thread. It's a bit thicker and seems to have an impactful look in photography. Now that I have my new machine, and I really want my stitching to show up , such as in a neutral color like in this card here, I use my heavy duty threads for my top stitch. If I would have used a regular weight neutral on this card, you'd probably know there was stitching there, but it wouldn't stand out as well on the card. The biggest drawback to the heavy duty thread is the limited color selection available. But, for your basics, blacks, browns, whites, they are great.

So what do you say we get going on today's sketch? Another really simple CAS sketch today. This one would be great for mass producing a set of holiday cards. I can't wait to see what you come up with! Make sure to either post your take to our Flickr Pool here, leave a comment with a link to your blog post in the comment section below, or email me your card. I can't wait to see!

 4th Day of Christmas Cards Sketch
So how's your mojo flowing these days? Are you full of inspiration? In a slump because of all the holiday goings on in your life? Or maybe a little of both? I hear you. I think I'm a mix of the two - I need more time in the day to get everything completed that I'd like to. I still need to do my kids' Christmas shopping! Today or tomorrow I need to carve out a little time for that. Oh, well! I hope that these sketches are providing at least a little jump start to your mojo! I can't wait to send all these cards out to my friends and family :) I need to get on the ball about that too. Yikes! Anyhoo, I'll let you go on that note. I'll be back here in the next day or two with our 5th installment. See you then! Have a wonderful day and thank you for taking the time to come visit today! :)