Introducing :: 12 Days of Christmas Cards and December Daily Conundrum

Happy Sunday everyone!

I'm so torn!! I love the idea of the December Daily coined and originally created by the remarkable Ali Edwards. Just not sure if I have the time this year. Perhaps a similar yet not as involved project for this year? Hmm. What are your thoughts? Are you making one? Maybe it's too late to start . . . or is it?

While I continue to ponder whether or not I will join in this clever new scrappy tradition, I do have a little announcement of my own. I am going to be featuring my own 12 Days of Christmas right here! There's a bit of a spin on it, I'm going to be showing you 12 Days of Christmas Cards! I have some really fun, never before seen, Christmas cards that I've made and I would love to share them with you! So I've whipped up a fun way sharing!

I'm making this feature a bit of a treasure hunt as well! With each 12 Days of Christmas Card post, I will have a hidden word in my post. That word will be highlighted in some special way within each post. Over the 12 Days of Christmas Cards, it's your job to put together the words to make a complete phrase. The person who is able to send me the correct phrase first (once the 12 days are over and I've put up the final post with directions) will win a super prize pack of goodies! I am in the middle of going through my recent goodies (again) and I have lots to give out to my friends!
Here's a little catch, I tried to set up the posts for the first 12 (consecutive) days of December, but as life would have it, I have other things to show you in that time as well. So, while they won't necessarily happen the first exact 12 days of December, there will be at least 12 Days of Christmas Cards to look forward to starting next week thru the third week of December! So what do you say!? Are you up for the challenge? You want to see some Christmas cards and a chance to win something for yourself, too!? Well, then make sure you check in each day! If the logo above is displayed, then it's one of the 12 Days of Christmas Cards! I may get tricky, though, so you may just want to check in each day! A girl's gotta make it a bit of a challenge, right?! I'm so excited and hope you are too!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!! I hope you'll join me for my 12 Days of Christmas Cards starting this week! I hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend! Toodles!