SRM Stickers :: Tubular Tubes

Happy Wednesday, aka Thanksgiving Eve for those of you in the US! Many are traveling, shopping at the grocery stores, cleaning their homes, getting stressed about the upcoming holiday tomorrow. I have many memories of large, hectic family gatherings from when I was a kid on Thanksgiving (and Christmas) but these days, things stay pretty quiet. It's just the four of us usually since both of our families live so far away, which sometimes makes it pretty lonely (for me). My husband doesn't mind it and my kids don't know any better, but I miss all the fuss. I long for laughing, chaos, people elbow to elbow in the kitchen, kids running around, and football on the television, snacking gobs of snacks all day long then taking a walk and/or a nap in the afternoon with the smells of dinner wafting around the house. This year, is better than most of the last several Thanksgivings, since my Mom is here. This will make it a much merrier holiday, so I'm thrilled about that! I am so thankful for so many things. But one thing that I hope to have one day, probably not until my kids are older and have families of their own, are the big Thanksgiving holidays filled with tons of family, tons of love and tons of laughing. If you are celebrating Thanksgiving, I hope you are celebrating with lots of family and fun! We'll be celebrating, in a much more scaled down version of what my memories were like, but it will be fun nonetheless. :)
Today I'm bring you some last minute ideas, possibly for hostess gifts for your fall or Thanksgiving gathering. SRM Stickers has recently started selling these fabulous, food-safe tubes, that go perfectly with their stickers for mini altered gifts. I used them for mulling spices and cinnamon sticks.  I would love to wrap these up in a gorgeous mug for a hostess gift around this time of the year. What says fall more than mulling spices or cinnamon? I adorned the top with coordinating stickers from SRM Stickers and voila, quick, simple hostess gift! 
I also used them for my daughter's recent birthday party favors to match her invitations. They turned out super cute, too! These tubes are really just the bee's knees in my opinion! I really love how they can make a super simple gift, come alive! If you haven't already, make sure you go over to the SRM Stickers blog and look at everything the DT has cooked up recently with these tubes. The past 3 days have been dedicated to all kinds of ideas to create with them, and I was blown away by all the super creative ideas! Lot's of "WOW's!" coming from my mouth!
Well, I better skidaddle here I have much to do before my daughter comes home from her half day at school and the hubster gets home early for his 4+day weekend! If I don't see you before, have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving to all my American friends!! And I just heard on the radio this morning that evidentally Canadians are celebrating tomorrow too with "Deep Fried Turkey Day" where they deep fry turkey at some restaurants and bars and watch American football! I had to laugh! Wherever you are though, have a wonderful day and I'll be back soon with some fun craftiness!! Thank you so much for stopping by! Hugs!