Crate Paper :: November Sketch Challenge

Happy Friday, everyone! Hopefully it's been a fabulous week for you. It's been a busy one for me, but a very thankful one as well. Do you ever have to stop, and check yourself and say, wow, I really am so very blessed? Sometimes I need a little reminder now and then to stop and do that. And yesterday was one of those days. I'll get back to that in a minute . . .
Today, though, I wanted to share with you a sneak peak of what's going on over at the Crate Paper blog today. The unbelievably talented Emily Pitts is visiting with her monthly sketch challenge contribution. I've really wanted to play along in previous months, but haven't had the extra time. This month, somehow, I was able to carve out a couple hours to make a layout for the sketch, and I'm loving it. It's a bit kooky, a bit wonky (I love that word!), very playful, with lots o' energy and lots o' fun for the sketch challenge. I used a whole bunch of different lines from Crate Paper, including Brook, Pink Plum, School Spirit, Restoration and Snow Day on my layout and I love how all the colors and patterns play together! It makes me smile and even laugh at myself a little. He, he!

To see my entire layout, head over to the Crate Paper blog here. There you'll find the sketch as well as the other layouts some of the other CP Girls came up with. All the takes are so fun and all so different from each other! I hope you have the time to play along yourself! You have until the 26th to send in submissions and I'm betting there's some goodies in it for the winner! ;)
Now, back to my reminders of thankfulness. Yesterday, was one of those days where I just stood back and said to myself, I am just so very thankful for all I am blessed with. I'm a pretty thankful person on the whole for a variety of reasons, but I have my days where I get a reminder to be even more so, and yesterday was one of those days.
A couple different friends relayed completely unrelated stories to me about things that have happened recently in their lives and to some people in our community. I was poignantly reminded about the blessings of health, of home, of nourishment and of hope. Sometimes it is easy to take any one of these things for granted. I think sometimes we all conveniently forget how quickly any one of these things can change in an instant. And that makes sense,  who really wants to dwell on the loss of any of these necessities for a good life when you have them? But I think it's important that when you are blessed, to be thankful and humble for those blessings. So many are struggling at any given time. Lord knows, I've struggled in my life, but at this point, so much is so great. My current daily woes are so insignificant in the Big Picture. So what, if the kids don't have matching socks on, or the dog keeps barking - I have my health as does my family, a warm home, a family that loves me, a full belly daily, and a hope for a bright future. And what about when the muddy-footed dog drags in a dirty old bone from outside after the floors have just been washed? So.What. Wipe him off with a towel and get on with the day. Things can always be worse than that, don't chy'a think? I do. Okay, I've had my thankful speech (to myself) for the day! I feel much better. LOL.  :) 
Thank you so much for stopping by today! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Big hugs!