Halloween 2010 - Wrapped Up

It was a great Halloween this year! No rain, colder than normal, and beautiful fall scenery her in New England. It stayed lighter longer that usual because of the late time change this year, and the kids got tons of candy as per the norm. I think the act of trick-or-treating is much more fun than the candy itself. My little man doesn't like anything to do with chocolate and my lovely little girl has come to the conclusion that the amount of candy they receive for Halloween, is far too much. So both have agreed to take part in the dentist trade-in this year. They'll each keep 10 pieces of candy, then trade in the rest of their candy to our dentist for cash to put in their piggy banks. They really don't care, and I am thrilled not to have candy in the house for the next months.
The only down side to this Halloween - my lovely little girl has continued to cough - for the last 2 weeks and is home today with me awaiting her doctor's appointment to see if she has walking pneumonia. Other than the cough, she's been fine, but, it's just been nagging, especially the last week. However last night, after all the fresh air I think, was the first night she hasn't coughed during the night, so we shall see in about an hour what's going on. And since the kids have no school tomorrow, because of election day, she''l get some much needed rest.
Speaking of election day. There was a major snaffu, in my opinion, here in our town. It seems that our town must be one of the major "hot spots" for trick-or-treating in the state because who shows up in the midst of the extremely large crowd, but one of the gubernatorial candidates for CT, who will remain nameless. He parked his oversized luxury campaign bus along the main trick-or-treating route, then he and about 5 of his assistants went amongst the crowd, not setting up at a booth or anything, asking kids to take candy from them (only making themselves known by a button on their lapels). 
Let me paint the picture of how we found out about this:  It's crowded, very crowded on the sidewalks on Halloween - hundreds if not thousands of kids are here from all over the region. We are walking to the next house, when the candidate comes up to my daughter and asks "Do you want some candy", she and I look up at him, like, huh? Then my husband and I notice who it is, and that he has several people behind him doing the same thing. They were quite mixed amongst the crowd, no signs, or anything, they really could have been any other parents except the campaign pins on their lapels. My daughter, rightly, says "No" to him, then one of the assistants asks the same thing, and again she says "No". A female assistant looks perplexed - then I looked at her and said, "I think my daughter knows not to take candy from strangers." Then, the a-ha, light went on, I think, I mean, I HOPE. It was a completely inappropriate display, I even heard other parents later that night saying the same thing. Needless to say, I was disgusted. 

On a lighter note, here are all 7 of the jack-o-lanterns that my husband carved this year. He did a great job and he was very proud of himself - the bean counter that he is. He's clearly watched too many Challenge: Extreme Pumpkin Carving episodes on the Food Network! LOL - I love it! I say, keep it up, sweetie!
Well, that wraps up my tales from the Halloween side of things here! I'm looking forward to the next couple days when my momma comes to visit for all of November, including Thanksgiving! We haven't had any family here for Thanksgiving for 5 years, so it's going to be a very thankful month! Check back in with me later this week when I'll have some craftiness to share with a "thankful" theme! :)

Thank you so much for stopping by today! Have a wonderful Monday!