Happy Halloween & Leaf Jumping

Happy Halloween, ghosts, goblins and all other spooky friends! Today is my kids' favorite holiday all year! It's not even 9am and my daughter is already wanting to get ready! LOL Yesterday my husband finished  carving that last few of our 7 jack-o-lanterns. He swears he isn't creative, but over the years he's proven that statement wrong time and again, and this year he really took his creativity to a new level. I just love what he did with this cat pumpkin, and the mini scared pumpkin next to him. I'd say, for a number cruncher he's got a creative streak!
Yesterday was all about leaf pile jumping, too. This pile of leaves was probably 4' tall when it was first piled up. We put our dog inside, since he's such a similar color, he looks a bit camouflaged . . . can you find him? Isn't he a handsome boy?
So is this little guy! Oh, boy! A 4 year old in a leaf pile is so much fun! I am so glad that my kids have this great memory of fall leaf pile jumping to look back on. We never had nice dry leaves to jump in as a kid - they were always wet and damp. So there was never any leaf jumping when I was a kid. But this more than makes up for it, watching my little love bugs having so much fun in them now.
Hopefully you are having a super weekend wherever you are, and if you celebrate Halloween, have a wonderful night! I will have lots of pics to share this upcoming week, I'm sure! Thank so much for stopping by!