My Eyes Don't Hurt!

Yesterday started off bad. REALLY bad. I had a deadline, two really - that day. So, I was anxious to get my daughter off to school,  finish things up, photograph, edit, and email off to make my deadlines. And then IT happened. What I have been dreading for the last year +. My 2003 G4 Mac decided it had had enough of my overusing shenanigans. So it decided to not.turn.on. . . . at all. UGH!! Instantly I was on the phone to our local Apple store; "Can I get in?" and "How soon?!" and "Will they be able to recover my files??"Followed by "As soon as I take a shower, I'll be there" and "What, it doesn't sound like the files will be recovered?" OH, CRAP. Okay, calm down. I have all my photos on an external HD (thank goodness for the mini iPhoto crash a couple years ago) that has my over 30,000 photos from the last 7 years. Let's take it in (with my 4 year old in tow) and see what happens when they run the diagnostic. Fast forward 2 hrs. I have purchased a new computer, software, found out that they MAY be able to recover my files and my son after 2 LONG hours waiting in the Apple store has now had enough and is breaking down crying, trying to drag me out of the store whilst I am signing my log-ons, to my old computer over so that "if" they can be recovered they can be put onto my new computer. We went to Build-A-Bear Workshop afterwards because he was such a trooper. Gotta love that little guy!!!
Fast forward 2 trips BACK to the Apple store today (we live 40 minutes away approx) to wait more and then ultimately pick up my computer(s) only to get it home and then my Firewire to my external HD doesn't fit the new computer -ACK- back OUT to get new firewire, - does it fit? Yes, thank goodness. Now, I. am. home. on. my new dream machine!! AND bonus, I have ALL my old files. Phew! What a whirlwind and what an ordeal! I am exhausted but, my eyes don't hurt. After 14 years on my old View Sonic 24" monitor, I have this magnificent piece of machinery and technology sitting before me and I can see - without a headache or eye strain. All 27 beautiful inches! It's a designer's dream come true. It was worth the wait. AND the hassle. Now, tomorrow when the sun comes out, I am ready to photograph my projects, edit them and email them off where they were supposed to go on Friday. And I will share them with you, later this week. Hopefully your last couple days have been much more relaxing than mine! :)