Pink Paislee & SRM Stickers :: Day 2

 It's Friday!! Are you as relieved as me?? Oh, boy has this been a busy week. Late nights, early mornings. Mom taxi'ing, homework reviewing, crafting, designing, more crafting, and more Mommy'ing. It's a great, but very hectic life I tell ya! Tonight we have a night fall festival complete with bonfires and haunted hay rides, so hopefully the weather holds up and we will have a nice night.
Today is Day 2 of the SRM Stickers and Pink Paislee team-up, and today we are bringing you all things non-card related. I chose to do a layout using the super cool paper kit, called Old School.
There's a cute story behind my layout. Last month, on my daughter's first day of school, my son and I were waiting at the bus stop for my daughter to come home. My son came upon a cute little toad in the grass in my neighbor's lawn. Usually it's my daughter who wrangles the wildlife, like toads and snakes, but my son was eager to catch this little guy - it was his first time. I was so taken aback at how gentle and quiet he was when he tenderly picked up the toad. But then it dawned on me - it really is just his nature. He is such a sweet, gentle, calm soul. Don't get me wrong, he's wild and rambunctious 89% of the time, but at his core, he is one serene little boy. I am so glad I had my camera to capture these unexpected few moments in our day. I had my camera of course to get the end-of-the-first-day-of-school pictures, but this was just as precious.

I used 3 sticker sheets by SRM Stickers on this layout. They include, Express Yourself - Explore, Express Yourself - Everyday Boy, and FreeStyle - Fall. The fall and the explore sheets are just perfect for the colors in this patterned paper, I was thrilled!

Look at that cute little toad. Isn't he just adorable!? I had to show a close up of him. It's kind of hard to see him in the full picture. 
Well that does it for me today! I have lots to share next week. Until then, I hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the rest of your Friday! Thank you so much for stopping by today!