September Publications

Wow - it's Wednesday already? This week just seems to keep flying past me! It always seems like that this time of year doesn't it? The kids are settled into school, then there's a little lull, then it's full-on holidays, family, school activities, etc. etc. ! I can't believe I'm making my plans already for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I keep thinking - what? Wasn't it just August . . . summer? Where did the time go? Anyway! :D
Quick post today to show you a few things that I was fortunate enough to have published in Scrapbook Trends and CARDS for September. And I have a funny story about one of them. :)

Now for my "funny" story. It's about this cover layout. It was never submitted for publication. I never submitted it. What - You say? Nope. This was a layout I had created for a try-out for the Lily Bee DT. It wasn't my favorite, but it was a great picture of my daughter and I loved it for that reason. I posted it here on my blog and at 2Peas, never thinking about it again, after I didn't make the team. It must have been a month or so after I made it, I got an email from Pam Baird, editor of Scrapbook Trends, saying how muchshe loved it and that she wanted it for the September cover!! WHAT!?? Uh, YES! I was SOOOO excited, especially since this was before I had EVER submitted any layouts for publication! It was my VERY first picked up layout - a cover - that I didn't submit. Crazy! So, then I decided to actually submit to the issue with a couple other layouts. I thought, hey, I'm going to be on the cover, maybe my other stuff can get in too? And another layout did - isn't that unbelievable?! So, whatever you do, don't underestimate the power of blogging or 2Peas! I have had a couple major things happen because of 2 Peas - that's how Christine Middlecamp "discovered" me for Crate Paper. I'm still blown away by it.
Thanks so much for stopping by today! I am so thrilled to share my little story with you now! :) I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!!