Halloween Wreath . . . At Least it WAS

Today I thought I'd share a wreath I made months ago for a Halloween publication that was passed on. I love this wreath and the way it turned out. I should have added a few brighter and more "fun" elements to it, but for my house this was just what I wanted for Halloween decor. That is, until the "incident". I'll tell you more about that in a minute. ;)
The Back Story:
Last year I found this fantastic tutorial on how to make these origami flowers on the Create Blog. I knew I wanted to make a wreath out of them but I wanted to do it for Halloween. Then, last spring around the time of submitting for October pubs,  I was at my friend's house for a playdate with our sons when I saw all these sweetgum seed pods on the ground in her yard. Immediately I told her that if she wasn't going to use them they'd be perfect for this wreath I wanted to make. Lucky for me she gave me a whole garbage bag full! I was thrilled! They're so spooky and prickly - perfect for Halloween crafts! I knew just what I was going to do with them - combine them with those awesome flowers for my wreath!! 
That weekend, I got out all my Halloween papers from last year (Basic Grey: Eerie, Pink Paislee: Twilight, even some papers from Cosmo Cricket: EarthLove and started in on my flowers. In total the project took only a couple hours and a LOT, I mean a LOT of hot glue - mostly for the seed pods. Once I made the flowers, I dusted the edges with black glitter, glued them into my foam wreath, then started gluing in the seed pods. That was pretty much it. In the sun it looks so cool with the glitter and these pictures certainly didn't do it justice. Here's a closer look:
Because I liked this so much, I've had it hanging on the side of a bookshelf in my scrap space now for about 6 months. It's been hanging from a 3M hook and one that has shown no sign of wear in all that time.
The Incident:
That is until this past weekend. I came downstairs, of course, only a couple weeks before Halloween decorating in my house would take place, to find:
Whhhhaaaaaaa!! :( It was hanging along with my Cricut sticky pads and some oversized felt pieces from over 6' up on this tall bookshelf. I think probably fell then broke apart for a couple reasons. 
1) The wreath itself was so heavy -- too much for the little sticky 3M hook (probably had a max weight capacity of 3 lbs)
2) I had all that other junk hanging on the hook, too which didn't help, esp. from so high up.
and now that I think about it, 
3) The foam wreath base was unwrapped. It should have been reinforced with floral tape or something to keep it together in case something like this happened - ugh. Oh, well. Live and learn! 
It broke into about 4 largish sections when the 3M wall mount-hook fell. Needless to say, I was heart-broken!!!
So now, I need to brainstorm and think of ways to restore these pieces into an even better project. Maybe not a wreath, but something, not sure what yet. If you have any ideas, I am totally open! 
Until then, here are a few parting photos! LOL
Farewell and RIP my Halloween wreath! It was nice knowing you! Sorry you never saw the holiday you were meant for! :D Oh, well, maybe in some other form!!