Recap: Elle's Studio DT Feature & Craft Room Tour

Happy weekend, everyone! I hope it's going well and you are able to relax and/ or get some scrapping done! I am hoping to do a little of both, in addition to straightening up our garage - whoopppeee! ;)
Yesterday was a fun day over at the Elle's Studio blog. Myself along with a very talented DT member, Sheri Twing, were featured. We each shared a project using Elle's Studio products as well as shared a little about ourselves and our craft rooms. I thought I'd share that here today as well. If you'd like to go see the original interview on me, click here.
The layout I made for the feature was of my little guy on his first day of school last week. He was Sooooo Ready to go back to school that I knew I needed to document that enthusiasm.
In this close up I am using Elle's Studio Vintage Mix & Match Numbers, as well as Vintage Months Flashcards. I thought that these products from Elle's Studio would match up with Crate Paper's School Spirit Collection with PERFECTION and I love the result!
Vintage Flashcards - Months                     
 The other part of the feature was a "tour" of my craft room. Right now I feel my craft room, well, it's pretty utilitarian. I have finally maximized it's space and made it efficient for my needs. But it's pretty vanilla compared to many of the craft rooms I see out there. I need some artwork on the walls that sit in front of me as I write this. It's such an odd corner, that I've been putting that off. Besides, I am waiting to get my new Mac/monitor, andI'm not sure if that will take up more or less of that space in the corner - hopefully less. But for a basement space in a older home it works. And I am happy that I have a space I call my own. That makes me happy. :) 
So here are the highlights of my craft room. 
This is my main workspace. If you look closely on the right, I have my Starbucks latte close by. Because this room is connected to a living space  to the left of it, I also have one of those Ikea cubby type shelving units that nearly everyone has it seems. But currently it set up with pretty boxes, and cubbies. It's pretty much houses my albums, books, binders, baskets full of cards I need to put up on Etsy, etc. So that image will need to wait until a later date! :)
To the right of my table, is where I keep all of my patterned paper, my printer, clip it up and various odds and ends. Again, another Ikea find houses all these. This one I actually scored in the damaged area - but there was never any damage that we could detect. So it's been a really great piece for me.
I keep all my cardstock in a very tall organizer to the left of this storage area.
If you keep turning to the left, on the back wall I have this great (garage sale) cabinet piece that I keep all my punches, cricut cartriges, etc. This was a GREAT find for me. It only cost $20! I still need to get a new drawer pull for that one drawer on the right, but I love this!
Here's a closer look at the area that I work in. I have finally gotten it to a very organized and systematic place. Everything that I need regularly is within reach and the things that I don't want cluttering up my space like various punches, are tucked away in the other cabinet that I just showed you.
I love color coordinating and having things in rainbow order. It makes things look really pretty but it also is very functional. I don't have to search for a particular color when I want something. I just go to the right bottle and in there I can find what I am looking for.
Lastly, I wanted to show you how I organize my Elle's Studio Tags. I have this nifty little box I got on clearance at Target for I think it was $0.87, and it is the ideal size for all her tags. (BTW - I LOVE to label things. If you saw closely in my craft room I have labels on just about everything!). 
Then I took file dividers and organized each of the tags by category. This makes putting things away so simple and efficient! I know right where to go to find things, too. Then this little box sits tucked right within reach on my table under my ribbon rack. It's perfect. This is also a great way of storing embellishments or tags/envelopes that you use regularly. 
I hope you've enjoyed my sneak peak of my craft room as well as my Elle's Studio project today! I am so glad you stopped by!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Also, just as a side note. Today is September 11, and in the USA, it's a very poignant day for us all. Please take a moment to remember those that were lost as well as their families and friends on that terrible day in 2001. Thank you.