Recycled Shirt Tote + Tutorial

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Mine was filled with organizing,  re-organizing and a very cute country fair with the family. It was a nice time. 
I mentioned on FB a week or so ago that my daughter wanted me to make her a little tote for carrying all her Silly Bandz. We had planned on goingto the fabric store buying fabric, etc. to make this little tote. I was excited. But nothing prepared me for how excited I was when she came up to me this morning with her favorite (but now outgrown) pajamas and said "I know we can use these to make my purse!". BRILLIANT!! I knew immediately what I would do, and I wanted to get started right away! So I decided to document my process and here is how it went! (Warning: No fancy photos here folks - this was literally this morning! LOL)
First, I cut off the arms.
I turned the shirt inside out. Then I took a washable marker and drew from the neck opening (the opening of the bag) down to the farthest point my ruler could reach on the side seam.

Then I repeated that on the other side, making sure that the points at the bottom of the shirt (bag) ended at the same point so that the bottom of the bag was straight.

Then I pinned along the line . . .

on both sides - maybe I went a little overboard on the pins, but I really wanted to make sure these sides wouldn't move when I was stitching.

Then I stitched a zig zag stitch along the line. I left about a 1/2" gap at the top of my stitching for my drawstring to come out of the bag.
After stitching both sides, I took out all the pins and trimmed closer to the new seam.

Then on both sides.

Next, I rotated the shirt and with my washable marker and straight edge I drew a line for the bottom seam about an inch from the bottom of the shirt.

Pinned . . stitched . . .

then trimmed. Turn right side out. I used the extra fabric from this trimming as my seam binding for the inside of the collar to house the drawstring at the top of the bag.

I simply pinned it along the top of the inside of the collar - as close as I could to the top edge.

Trimmed off my excess then sewed a straight stitch, first along the bottom of the banding, then along the top of the banding, trying hard to keep enough of a gap that my small antique saftey pin would fit through. Once stitched, I removed the pins . . .

Then laced the ribbon through the center of my stitching. Remember those 1/2" gaps I left at the neck of the collar when sewing the side seams? They left small holes that I was able to draw my ribbon through to create a knot and loop on one side and large hand loop on the other side for cinching the ribbon together to close the bag. The small loop I made so my daughter can place an O ring full of her favorite silly bandz in view and within quick access. The other loop I added coordinating ribbon for added fun. She loves it! And it's big enough to hold all of her silly bands!!
Here's what the finished bag looks like!

And a close up.
It turned out even better than I thought it would. There were a few bumps that I hit, you would never know from how it turned out! I am very proud of myself! Plus I LOVE the fact that it was made by taking something that we already had, was no longer of use and made a completely new function for it. Plus, my daughter LOVED these pajamas and I know she didn't want to let them go, so this is just perfect for her! Well, now that I have successfully sewn my first fabric projects, I guess my next step, is sewing with a pattern! Now that scares me! :)
Have a wonderful Monday!!