Product Purge for a Purpose & Prizes are Packed . . .

Try and say that 5 times fast! Yeah, I can't either.

I worked all day yesterday on a couple projects I've been wanting to confront. I say confront because I've had far too much product sitting idly in my shelves for about a year now, and I still have not gotten all my stuff put away from coming back from CHA. I finally figured out, I would have no more space to put it all until I purged some of it. I love hanging onto this stuff, believe me - but I'm at the point where I have to develop a system of either using more or accumulating less - I'm thinking that using more would be ideal because I have a hard time accumulating less scrapbooking supplies. LOL. BUT I have found a solution that I feel absolutely great about.

Product Purge for a Purpose
I'm not selling my older/unused product. Nope. While the thought of selling and recouping some of those costs sounds nice, I knew that there were people out there that could use some beautiful stuff that I am fortunate enough to own. I'm not sure where I heard about this but I read it online somewhere - donate your old scrapbooking supplies to a women's shelter where they are able to use the product to express themselves. Brilliant! So, last week I checked into it. A neighboring town has a women's shelter and a girl's safe house for teens. The director of the program said he was going to use the product that I bring in for the teen girls' "Life Books" that they are going to be making this year. I was thrilled!!! They already have a home! Now, I don't know if they realize exactly how much they are receiving! Let's just say that the paper that they are receiving used to live in this area here and take up the entire space -

the. entire. space - no gaps. It's a lot of paper. I estimate there's probably about 100lbs of paper packs. Plus, there are coordinating cardstock stickers galore, chipboard letters, ribbon, and various other embellishments. It should keep a group of teens busy for a long while, that's for sure! I am so excited about this!! I don't think that I will ever attempt to sell my unused/old stuff again. This feels SO much better!!

and . . .
The Prizes are Packed!
These boxes are also filled to the brim and ready to be sent out to Amy, Jamie, and Kathy, my recent winners from a couple giveaways I've had. Hopefully they will be as excited about receiving them as I am about giving them away!! There's great stuff in all of these boxes, and they all weigh probably in the 10lb arena each - my husband estimates about 13lbs!! That's a lot of stuff!! Start stalking your mail, ladies!!

Today I am working on my projects that are due today - yikes!! I won't tell you which ones, but they will be shown sometime this week for one of my DT's, so I better skedaddle and get to work!! Thanks so much for stopping by!! Have a wonderful Sunday!