Happy 1st Birthday, Dear Blog!!

It's my 1 YEAR bloggiversary today (yesterday really)!! Oh m'gosh, I can't believe it!! I can't believe how my life has changed in the last year, all because of this little blog. It's remarkable! Thank you so much for checking my work out, leaving sweet and fabulous comments and always supporting me! You ladies are the best!! Really! Some of the coolest most talented people I've met and I am honored to "know" you all!

I thought I would add a couple things you may not know about me or my blog. 

1) I initially started my blog as a scrapbooking blog but when looking up scrapbooking blogs I found ALL KINDS of card making challenge sites, which is how I got started into cards - now it seems, that is what I am doing more and more of. LOL. I am trying to get more and more scrapbooking into my blog, but cards are now a staple in my crafting life now too!

2) PAUSH design - what does it mean??? Well, my background is in graphic design. And in that world, your business name usually is some funny name along with "design", or "studio" or "design works", etc. So I wanted to create a sort of fun name using an acronym. So I started brain storming all the words that I wanted to associate my blog with and came up with P - paper, A- art, U-unique, S-stylish, H-handmade and I guess it kind of stuck. LOL I later added Paperie Sweets, because I love the colors and ideas that "sweets" eludes to; fun, colorful, fresh, vibrant, yummy. I thought that really encapsulated my style of paper crafting. So who knows which way it will go in the future?

3) If you look at my profile, it says I started my blogging in September of 2008. That is because a friend of mine and I tried to start a blog together about our lives that really never developed into much of anything. This blog started officially August 10, 2009.

4) I JUST looked and I've had 14,950 unique visits to my blog since I started! WOW- I can't believe that many people have seen my blog - crazy!!!

So there's a few tidbits of random knowledge! :)

Now for the fun part!! In light of my little celebration I am having another g.i.v.e.a.w.a.y!! Yipppeee!! So just leave me a comment on this post by the end of the day on Friday and I'll be announcing winner over the weekend! So keep your eye's peeled!!!! Again, it will be a large flat rate box o' stuff!!

I know, I just had a giveaway last week, but there's been a lot to celebrate! Speaking of last week's I still have one outstanding winner who has yet to email me to claim her prize, so if it's unclaimed by the end of this week I will be replacing that with another winner from that post. 

Again, thank you so much for your support and good luck with the giveaway!!!

Here's to another fabulous year!! Cheers!!