Farewell our Furry Friend

Dear Kailah, 

Yesterday was a horrible day for all of us. We had to let you go and say goodbye to you very unexpectedly. But I wanted to say a few things to you that I wasn't able to yesterday. You will always hold a very special place in our hearts. It was 1998 when we got you when you were 6 weeks old from a litter on Mercer Island, WA. You were adorable, all black with a couple specks of white and the most silky fur ever. You were the "one". You were our first. Our first responsibility as a couple and the first "real" solidification of our relationship. Through the years you saw us buy houses, get married, have children, get a dog who you tolerated with grace, moved across the country and through everything you remained the same - the quiet, calm, cuddly, friendly cat that drew us to you in the first place. You took a few tumbles, like off our 3rd story balcony onto the 2nd story apartment below us as a kitten, resulting in nothing more than a chipped tooth and a quirky bit a nerve damage to your lip that caused you to drool buckets whenever you were happy. You made us laugh. You made us feel loved, needed and loved some more. Always, you would sleep with us, always trying to get as close as you could. Four years later, with little Lauryn you developed a relationship that would become incredibly strong.

You were there the night we brought her home from the hospital, ready to love her. And she loved you. She loved you, there was no doubt about it. Today she is carrying around your collar and a picture of you and has already created family traditions of putting fresh flowers near you whenever the others go dry. She wants you to be remembered so badly. She wants to make a clay rock to lay by you as well and she's going to carve your name into it. I know it's going to be a place she visits often.

We are all so sad you had to leave us. And we are all so sad you weret hurt. However, in some ways, I'm thinking this was the way we were told you needed to go. The vet said your heart was so bad that she was surprised that you hadn't passed by now. You just wanted more time with us, I know. And we with you, but now I know you aren't suffering and you are resting peacefully. Resting under your favorite bushes. We'll visit you and we promise to remember you. Dear sweet, Kailah, we love you.

Goodbye sweet girl. We will miss you.
This picture is from Lauryn. She took it herself when she was taking pictures of all her most valuable things - her Littlest Pet Shops. I think this shows how much she loved you, too.