Winner, Winner Tofurky Dinner!!

I had to throw the Tofurky in there since we don't eat meat! LOL. 
And the winner is #9!! Who is:::
Congratulations, Kathy!!
But wait there's MORE!! 
The fun doesn't stop there, no, no!! 
I've decided to throw in a 2nd prize pack!! Woot! 
And the winner of box #2 is #27!! 
That person is::::
Congratulations, Doreen!!
Ladies, please email me (link is in the upper left column) your addresses and I will send you each out a whopping box-oh-goodies in the mail next week!! 
Thank you so much to everyone who left me a message!! It really does make me feel good to know that I am not just writing/creating for myself, but that others are enjoying it too! I hope that doesn't sound weird, but I really love hearing from you and I am so humbled that you all like my work enough to check in with me periodically! 
I have a couple deadlines this weekend which means a LOT of crafting! After a couple of weeks away from my tape gun and glue dots, I'm hoping that inspiration will come flowing over me soon! Oh, and I got my new sewing machine and it works fantastic (so far!!) SO I am REALLY pumped to use it on (nearly) everything I'm making from here on out! That in and of itself is quite a bit of inspiration!! I won't have to tell myself, ya that's a great idea but I can't sew on it! He he! So I am excited! Yippeee!! Thanks so much for stopping by today and all the other days! I look forward to chatting at ya next week, when I'll have some fun ideas to share!! Have a wonderful weekend!!