Feeling Fallish with SRM Stickers plus CHA Booth Pics

Thank goodness it's Thursday, I am so glad!! Wednesday was one of those I thought I was going to be productive, but I was too tired kind of days. I went to the gym in the morning then couldn't get motivated  to do anything once I found out my LCS that has the sewing machines wouldn't be up and running until today, Thursday. So I guess it's Take 2 on that plan today! The kids were going stir crazy, too, it was too humid and hot to really do much outside, so they played indoors all day which they aren't really used to since when we were at my Mom's they would go down to the lake every afternoon. Oh, well. 
Today, I am bringing you some simple, easy, fast, Thanksgiving place cards I made using SRM Stickers' new Sticker Sentiments Sheet - Fall. I am LOVING the new SRM Sticker Sentiments, there is so much more for every season and occasion!! This particular one is perfect for both card makers and scrapbookers! Love it!

Super easy and I really love how the stickers really melt away on the kraft paper, it is perfect. I don't know about you, but with the summer (sort of) winding down, I am getting REALLY ready for school to start!! I can't believe fall is just around the corner, but I am glad in a way. I have set some new goals for myself and I have a feeling this upcoming year is going to bring fantastic changes for my family, too. So, I say, let the time fly! The faster it goes, the sooner I can be back home with my family and friends who are anxious for us to come back, too.

A few of the SRM Ladies - Susan, Kathy, Laura, Nina

I just realized I forgot to put these pics up when I scheduled this post. I only got a few pics of people, because we were so busy laughing and gabbing that we didn't always get out the cameras!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!! I hope you have a fantastic Thursday!! Remember, for all my loyal friends and followers, if you haven't already, you have through tomorrow to sign up for my g.i.v.e.a.w.a.y!! Check it out here if you haven't already!