Crate Paper :: Restoration Cards & Booth Pics

Hello, Wednesday! This week is already half way over! Can you believe it? Today I am off (again) to a price out a new sewing machine at a LCS. Yes, I am going to get one!! And I have good reason! My little thing at home just isn't cutting the mustard and I know that because while I was on vacation, my mom let me use her 40-year-old, never-been-serviced-Singer and it worked like b.u.t.t.a!! Zig-zagged on everything I could get my hands on, changed threads numerous times without a single glitch! So as I thought, it wasn't ME that was the issue but the cruddy machine! And I cannot wait! Zig zag, here I come!
Today I have a couple cards I made last month that were shown at the Crate Paper booth (see below) at CHA, using Restoration, one of their latest lines. I fell in LOVE with the bicycle on the first card, and while I new I would never see it again once I sent it off to Lisa for the show, I was so happy that it was going to be shown at the booth that I knew it was headed for the right place. Bye, bye little bicycle, I hope you had a wonderful trip and saw lots of nice people! LOL 
Here are some of the pics I took of the Crate Paper Booth. It was so cool. I loved it's simplicity and openness compared to a lot of the booths. It was very mod and I loved it. I just wish I had more and better pictures to show - it's one of those - I need to learn how to use my camera issues-AGAIN.LOL. 
The table was covered in so many great projects - both cards and altered - I just loved the Christmas trees- aren't they inspired?! Lolly Chops - I'm keen on that girl's talent!!
If you weren't able to come, hopefully this gives you a little peek into what Crate Paper had on display. Make sure you check out the blog all this week, when the CP Girls have their CHA work on display. So much to see, so check it out! I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday and thank you so much for stopping by!!
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