Summer CHA 2010 :: Product Highlights

Well everyone, I made it through and beyond my first CHA experience and it was sure a great one!! The first night I made it to Chicago at 4pm after about 5 hrs of flying from Seattle to Salt Lake City then on to Chicago. I had to get up at 3am and only having about 4 hrs sleep over the previous 48 hrs, I was a bit spent when I finally arrived, showered changed and made it onto the tradeshow floor. In addition I was completely sensory stricken by everything to see!! I didn't know where to start, but since I really was there to help SRM Stickers, I chugged my way to the booth before taking my first stroll around the floor. I really don't think anything sunk in that first night. I was really only just beginning to get a grapple of the geography of the show rather than taking in everyone's goodies. That would come the next 2 days. That first night we were to attend the SOLD OUT class of over 100 LSS owners, taught by our very own Susan McShirley (owner) and Jenyfur Pohl (Communications Director). That lasted until about 9pm, at which point I struggled to keep my wits about me, I was so tired! But after a 12hr night's sleep, I was eager to go out and really take in what the show had to offer. If you followed my FB last Wednesday, I too photos with my iPhone and uploaded them to FB, many were pretty poor quality, but being a newbie, and not having met anyone really yet, I didn't want to be too aggressive with my big camera, I felt more discreat might be a better approach. So on the 3rd day, and the shortest day, I brought my good camera, and got some much better shots, and since the floor was much less crowded, I felt much more free to come into everyone's booths and shoot everything that I loved, which was a lot! Isn't it funny, though, even after 3 days at the show I still never saw a few of the manufacturers I would have like to have seen! Must have been tucked away somewhere. Oh, well. So here's my personal favorites, new items that caught my eye and are must haves in the coming weeks!

(Above) Tim Holtz ribbons - about 2/3 to 1/2 the width of the original bloomer ribbons, these ribbons come in white and the colors shown here were dyed with Tim Holtz re-inkers (evidently he smooshed them in a plastic bag with some of the re-inker) and they turned out GORGEOUS - and look at how they displayed them - LOVE it!! Eeek! Definitely will have to try it!

Next up, Sassafras flowers and embellishments!! OH MY GOODNESS!!! I am LOVING the new colorways  that Sassafras has taken, a little more muted, a little more cohesive and STILL so Sassafras!! LOVE it all!!

Now for some holiday - The Girl's Paperie Christmas line, Tinsel and Twig (TDF!!!) and their Halloween line also FANTASTIC!! LOVE both these lines! And the embellishments - puh-leez! Look at those adorable poinsettias and snowflakes with the tinsel - really!??? How C-UTE is that?! My pics of the Halloween line didn't turn out really well, but it, too, is SO cute!!!

Now for - Pink Paislee's "Sweetness" line. OH. MY. GOODNESS. Now, flowers and Valentines aren't usually my style, BUT, look at that color printed on the dark kraft - are you kidding me?? And those canvas borders?? I want to wrap myself entirely in that polka dot one, it is SO cute!! LOVE!!!
Eeeeeek! It's Halloween at My Mind's Eye. Blackbird is the picture above, just one of their new Halloween lines - both lines are just fantastic! Just look at those crows and the polka dots, yes please!! I have pics of the other line, too and will show that off in my other post later this week.
Next up, these fantastic printed cardstock sandables by Core'dinations. My heart melted when I saw these!! There's a line in brown/cream and this sensational graphic line in grey/cream. Oh, my!!!!

Now this one, I was super surprised about, because it seemed like the last Dear Lizzy line by American Crafts was hyped (an delivered) to the max - I purchased a bunch of it myself - gorgeous! And this time around, I heard nothing - maybe I was under a rock - BUT there's (at least) 2 new lines from Dear Lizzy. One is a more wintery version of her "Spring" line shown above, and another is a Christmas line. So hopefully we'll see more about these lines, too.
This I thought was just plain interesting. First look at that top glitter ribbon. Doesn't it look like the crisp clean lines of taking double stick tape and sprinkling with glitter that many of us were doing last winter??? Secondly, I remember pleated ribbons were EVERYWHERE in blog land last year and looky here, that is a gorgeous beige velvet ribbon!! You remember that?? Hmmm seems like these trends that we in blogland start are taking flight in the manfacturing world!! Pretty cool!!

Lastly, there were sooooo many spectacular layouts and projects at the show. I was particularly blown away by the photography on so many of the layouts - beyond professional - I was knocked out!!!! They looked like the photos were professionally processed as well - totally knocked my sock off - with jealousy!! I NEED to take some photog classes - stat!! But there were a few that popped out to me for their especially creative spins - like this mini from the Cosmo Cricket booth - check out that chain!!! Now how cool is that?!! I REALLY wanted to peek inside but I was afraid I would call too much attention to myself making all that noise with the chain! LOL! Pure awesomeness!! I have a few more pics of projects that spoke to me that I will share later, but that one still kills me - that chain! Way too cool. I'm just imagining the person who made this (not sure who it was) going into the local hardware store and asking for it off their industrial sized spools. LOL!

Anyway. I felt like there were a few trends that I may have spotted. This may be ENTIRELY off, but these were things that I felt I haven't seen before or were reinvented to be SUPER cool. I would love to hear what you think!

Fabric (canvas) - From tags to borders, flowers, banners, mini albums, stickers I noticed this everywhere!! Many of the cutting machines are now marketing themselves as fabric cutters, too - which is pretty cool!
Glitter - Glitter has been around forever on patterned paper, but I saw it look more on upscale than ever! It's in ribbon (e.g. Making Memories), it's on paper (My Mind's Eye), it's on alpha stickers (e.g. Cosmo Cricket). My favorite example of this was on the Lost and Found line by My Mind's Eye. The glitter is a white/clear glitter on a light blue paper, it is so stylish and classy and not at all cheezy. I LOVED it and I'm not a big glitter girl at all.
Flocking - I saw this in a lot of places, too. On embellishments and on paper. Most notably on the My Mind's Eye, Haunted line. But there were several other places I saw this - now I just wish I'd written it down!
Dark Kraft Paper (With Printing) - Pink Paislee and My Mind's Eye - both were GORGEOUS!! Both had printing on them, which made them all the more appealing!! The contrast is just sooo yummy!!
School Theme seemed like it was EVERYWHERE - Some of the manufacturers that I saw included, another new line from October Afternoon "Schoolhouse" (that makes 2 active lines of school for them with "Report Card" ), Crate Paper "School Spirit" (my personal favorite), Pink Paislee "Old School" Studio Calico "Elementary".

Well, that about does it for tonight! I have one more post regarding CHA that I will put up later this week. I have some booth shots, people shots and some artwork shots. All fun stuff. I hope you see something fun in what I found. I had so much fun, but I still feel like I was just getting my feet wet. January will be a much bigger event, so I've heard! Thanks for stopping by today!