Elle's Studio :: Design Team! + Some Randomness

I can't tell you how excited I am to announce this little gem! I have been asked to be on the Elle's Studio Design Team!! I LOVE Elle's products and use them frequently in my layouts and cards and I can't wait to show you all the wonderful things you can do with her fabulously fun products!! If you aren't familiar with Elle's Studio make sure you check out the blog here and the shop here for all kinds of inspiration and delicious goodies! I'll be back soon with more on Elle's Studio!!
Now for my randomness. 
I haven't done this in a long while, and with me being on "vacation" I thought I'd share with you some of the things I have on my "to do" list while relaxing.
1) Read.
I don't get a lot of time to read while I am at home, so these are a few of the books I have lined up for my stay here:
I just bought this one and I have to finish it before I go to my Twilight saga, triple feature, with my good friend, Erin next week,:
Next up, a book my Mom has recommended written by a Seattle man (I LOVE reading books about the NW or written by authors from the NW):
Here's another that my Mom and a friend recommended:
And lastly, this book. My daughter has read the entire series (about 35 books) and keeps bugging me to read at least the first series. I told her I would, although I am dreading it slightly, if I am being honest. But a promise is a promise so I have to get this thing read! LOL.
Next on my "to do list". Find a great pair of flip flops. I've owned Keen's and Privo's the last two years and I need to find something similar. I am currently wearing my Keen's and they are so broken that they hurt my feet - so I need something, stat! These look super cute and are very similar to the ones I have now.
These are super cute too. I am going for comfort, and running around after kids - in and out of the water, so utility first then cute factor. I am really liking these orange ones!
 Next up . . .
3)  Fun things for the kids, such as:
and so on . . .Today in fact we are going to ride the Duck up in Seattle - a silly, fun thing that is completely goofy - something that tourists do - but the kids will get a hoot out of it. We are meeting my sister for this fun little excursion then going out to lunch with her to celebrate her birthday. Should be a fun day. Lots of pics!!
Well, that is it for me today. I will be back tomorrow with something crafty to share! Have a wonderful Thursday and we'll catch up on Friday! Thanks so much for stopping by! :)