You're Sweet *Schlosser Designs*

Hi everyone! Happy Tuesday! Today I'm trying something a little different, because as you know I'm not at home, so I am having to try to upload and post photos via Flickr. It's pretty convenient, but I must say, it doesn't have all the bells and whistles that make the process as complete as I'd like. For instance, I am trying to figure out if I can include more than one photo . . . so bear with me! (see update below)

I only have this and one more post left for Schlosser Designs. Sad. But exciting too! There are so many fun things coming up - it's all so very thrilling! So this is what I made for my next to last SD post.

I made this cute little tag using Schlosser Stamps, "Hey Cupcake" set. I teamed it up with some new OA and Girl's Paperie and I just love it! Doesn't it look so yummy? It would be great on a summer, sunny day - which we aren't getting any of here in WA! Ugh! Oh, well, hopefully it will perk up soon! Wait, the sun is coming out! YAY!!!!

UPDATE: Yay - I figured it out!! Now let's hope the rest of this trip I am able to do this seemlessly and I don't have any more blogging interruptions!  :) Well that's it for today!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a super terrific Tuesday! :)