Crate Paper :: Guest Designer!

Eeek! I have been holding in this gem of a secret for close to a month now, it's been a.g.o.n.y.!! Today I am the Guest Designer at Crate Paper!!!!! Eeeek!!
You wanna know how this came about? It was a Friday, several weeks back, and I was waiting at my son's preschool, with him asleep in the back seat, as we usually do before he goes to class - he NEEDS the 1/2 hr, 45 min power nap before school - and I was checking emails on my phone. It was already a STUPENDOUS day, as I was contacted by the Little Black Dress Kit Club, asking me to be a part of their DT. I was already deliriously happy! When I checked my email, it said I had a "PeaMail" (2 Peas in a Bucket). Strange - I've never gotten a PeaMail. I looked closer and saw who it was from: CHRISTINE MIDDLECAMP! What?!!!!! ME??? You see, I've had her on my list of (R U SERIOUS?!) Seriously Creative Crafters since I started it! To me, she's like the Beetles-you simply can't get any better or more creative! Needless to say, I couldn't get into my PeaMail account quick enough!!
When I did, I read her delightful email about some cards that I made with Crate Paper she found at Two Peas, that she wanted to feature on the Crate Blog - THAT DAY - "Of course", I said! Then, after a few back and forth emails, she asked me to be a Guest Designer at Crate Paper! To say I was ecstatic is a vast understatement! :D Christine and Crate were sooooo generous to send me all 3 of the new lines for this little feature and this is what I made (so far)!

. . . and the shot at the top of the post.
I think the Brook Collection is my ALL TIME favorite collection from any manufacturer! Yes, I LOVE it that much! I am currently working on a mini album and layouts with this gorgeous line, and I even have my sights set on a home decor project! Oh, yes!!
I LOVE everything about the Pink Plum line!! I have always had an affinity for dark pink and orange together. I even remember the first time I saw that color combination - years ago, it was a Liz Claiborne sweater and I was smitten! Add some cocoa chocolate brown and creams - ooooh, la, la! I have big plans for this line, too!
Lastly, the Paper Doll collection. This collection is SOOO versatile! There are lots of super adorable images of little girls, but this collection is SO much more thank just that - the papers are DOWNRIGHT spectacular! This is another line I am gaga over!! So yummy!! There are so many fun things you can do with this line, and you don't have to have little girls to do it! I LOVE that! The colors are so fresh and inviting! I can't wait to make a few layouts with this line!
WOW - it feels so great to finally share this with you! I am so excited about today!! Make sure you check out the feature over at the Crate Paper blog where I am "interviewed"! :D So much fun! As always, thank you SO much for stopping by today! I hope you have a super, terrific Monday!!