A Couple Teasers . . . .

I spied this the other day on the CARDS blog:

It's a sneak peak of the June Issue of CARDS. The reason I'm so excited about this is because, in this sneak peak of 6 cards, is the very first project of mine that was ever accepted for publication!! AND not to give too much away, but I was BLOWN away when I saw that this particular card is an introduction to it's theme in the magazine, with it's own dedicated 2 page spread! "WHAT?!!! Get Out!" Is all I could think of when I saw it. Then to see it on this little montage here - it's crazy! Since this initial acceptance, I have been very fortunate with my submissions, so you'll be seeing me in a lot of pubs here soon - which I am so excited about! This past deadline is the first that I have missed in 6 months, but I'm not feeling TOO bad - I'm just crazy busy and with school getting out and our vacation, it just seemed like TOO MUCH. So. There's always next month - and honestly I'm not putting too much pressure on myself for the summer - so I may not be submitting for a couple months, we'll see.

A second teaser for you. I have something oh, sooooooooooo exciting to share on the 14th. That's all I'm gunna say.

C'ya! Have a wonderful day! Thank so much for stopping by! ;)