You're Sweet :: My Cute Stamps!

Happy Monday, everyone!! I do believe these are the cutest, happiest, funnest stamps I have ever had the pleasure of seeing, let alone playing with! They are from the set called Sweet Kawaii from My Cute Stamps. And after this weekend's debacle with my camera -(if you didn't see my FB post - I had my son's birthday party and half of my pictures were never taken because the disk was full and I didn't know it - no pics of the cake, or any of the last half of the party. Needless to say, I feel like crud about it!!) I really needed some super fun, colorful and happy to look at!! This fits the bill! While it doesn't erase my horror - 
1) a friend had a camera there, and I'm hoping to snag some of his pics, and 
2) my son's "real" birthday is at the end of the month and another party with family will be had for sure!
I chose to take the card clean and simple, because, well really, what more do you need to so other than to show smiling popsicles and ice cream cones?! I used the cover sheet of my lovely Delovely by Cosmo Cricket crafting kit to stamp on - that kept the patterns small for the stamps, and it recycled my cover sheet. This is something I try to do regularly - because all those images are just as good as the stuff inside, right?! I was tickled recently to see that Laura Craigie, did this in one of her projects as well. I love this idea! So, don't throw those covers out - they are usable! :)
I hope you have had a wonderful weekend!! Thank you so much for stopping by! Have a wonderful day!