My Cute Stamps :: Halloween Style!

Well hello there! It's Wednesday already?! How can that be? This past Monday holiday threw me for a loop and all day yesterday I thought it was Monday! So, why not throw things off a bit more with some Halloween cards!? LOL! These were some recent submissions that were passed on for Halloween, but I think they are super cute! Plus they use My Cute Stamps - and that just makes them even cuter!
The stamp set I used for both of these cards is called Ooga Booga! What a fun name, even!
This ghost just puts it over the top for me, he is just soooo adorable! 
On another note: 

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Well, I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! I have so much to do this week, my head is spinning - and getting the days mixed up is not helping. Saturday is my son's birthday party before we leave for WA, I have stuff to do for my daughter's school, she has field day on Friday, I have meals to make for friends who've just had babies, doctor's appointments, reservations to make, blah, blah, the list goes on and on! I'll be back on track tomorrow - no more switching days, or seasons around! Hopefully I'll be able to wrap my head around everything since some of my "to-do" list will be shorter! :)
Thanks so much for stopping by today!