The One Hour Challenge!!

UPDATE: This is pretty cool! Look what Stacy Julian had to say yesterday about this challenge on Twitter and Facebook! Would love to have you join me! 
If you came and joined us from this posting of Stacy's let me know and I might just have an extra little goodie to share with one lucky player who give this a go with us!!

What's "The One Hour Challenge" you ask? Well a couple nights ago, I wanted to scrap, but my scrap table was horrendously cluttered. YIKES!! This is what it looked like -

and this .  .  .

I knew if I just rearranged all the clutter, I'd never do anything but make more, albeit organized, piles of paper. You see I have a massive love-hate relationship with paper. Yes, it's true. So much so that I have enrolled in this class to help me get a handle on it. Everything else in my house is organized and pretty much without real clutter, but boy do I have issues with paper. There is so much that comes into my house between mail and the kids, I frankly get overwhelmed by it all.

The same thing happens in my scrap area, although not to the same degree. I LOVE my scrapping paper, so it doesn't get as bad. But this time it got bad enough that I was paralyzed to scrap!! It's true!! So, I decided to challenge myself as well as invite my fellow SRM Stickers DT members to join me. The challenge: How many cards can you make in ONE HOUR using ONLY scraps and SRM Stickers? Luckily, it wasn't just me who took the challenge, my good friend Nina - yes the uber-talented card superstar - took me up on the challenge too! Click here to see what she came up with! Fab!!

Here's How it Went for Me:

My Time Frame: The 8pm hour before American Idol started on Wednesday night, so that when AI started, I would be sure to finish at 1 hour!

My Locale: On the coffee table in our family room - my craft area was TOO messy and I wanted to limit myself to the number of supplies I had on hand to force myself to use just my scraps.

My Tools:

plus my paper trimmer, shown below.

My Cardstock:

In the minutes before I started my 1 hour, I trimmed up a stack of A2 card bases in both white and cream so that I would have them on hand quickly.

My SRM Stickers:

My Scraps:

I spent about 15 minutes prior to my 1 hr, color sorting my scraps so that they would be easier to find when creating the cards. I also had ribbon and embellishment scraps handy as well. 

Now, I was ready to roll!
And this is what I came up with:

and my favorite . . . 
Not bad for an hour's work! How about you? Are YOU up for the challenge? If you are, I'd love to see what you come up with! Put a link to your accomplishment in this thread by Sunday, May 23rd at midnight EST, and I might just have a little prize for the one random player! What do you think? Fun, huh? Hope you'll join me!
Well, that's it for me today! Happy Friday everyone and I hope you have a super swell weekend!! Thanks so much for stopping by! ;)