My trial and tribulation with Mod Podge

Okay, so I made something today. Yes, I know it is hard to believe since I've been such a terrible blogger lately . Truth is, I've been making a ton for publication calls, DT projects and gifts - like said Mod Podge project in title. It's drying now, and I must say, it's NOT as easy as I thought. I thought, "how tough could this be?, just slap the stuff on and all will be decoupage perfection". Oh, no, my friends. Not so! I even thought enough, just to be sure, to look online and see if people had any tutorials on such a craft. Well, I looked for about 5 minutes, found a couple tutorials, and thought I had it nailed. Hmmmmm, I should have researched more. Well, I am probably being a little dramatic, but . . . . I have bubbles. Not bubbles in the Mod Podge, which is what I thought "bubbles" meant - oh, no. You see, when you have dry paper, and you add a liquid like adhesive, it begins to curl in on itself, so if you haven't glued the dry paper down  (with Modge Podge) individually and used a roller to get out all the bubbles underneath you get buckling in the spots where you don't have adhesive. Not good if you have multiple layers, like I do. I hope it turns out alright, and that my daughter's teacher isn't offended that it isn't perfect. Ugh. I hate when things don't go as planned. Hopefully she'll be like "It's the thought that counts!" Don't worry I'll show you in a few days my Mod Podge experiment. I will.

Note to self: Don't try a completely new artistic medium for the first time on a gift that needs to be delivered the next day and is using one of a kind (irreplaceable in the next 24 hrs) other materials - not smart.