SRM Stickers & Write. Click. Scrapbook!

Today is an exciting day for me! I am representing SRM Stickers as the Guest Designer over at  Write. Click. Scrapbook. and I couldn't be more honored!!

When I was approached to take on this project I was asked to create a unique spring-inspired creation using SRM Stickers. I decided that with Mother's Day fast-approaching I would make my wonderful Mom a much deserved mini album dedicated to some important lessons that she's taught me over the years. I titled it "5 Things You Taught Me to Grow".
Here on my blog today I'll show you the pictures from the album, plus I'll show you some of the great stickers that I used to create it. Make sure you go over to Write. Click. Scrapbook. today where you can read my SRM Stickers "tutorial" on my favorite uses and applications for using my SRM goodies - all of which are shown throughout my album. 
I love giving mini-albums as gifts. When I gave this to my Mom a couple days before she left here from her visit, she was so touched, she became very emotional. I know that taking the time to write up my thoughts and thanks as well as incorporating pictures of her with my kids in photos (ones that she hadn't seen before) was really special for her. Nowadays, I am honestly so "over" giving gifts for occasions that are just "stuff"-what would have I given her for Mother's Day otherwise - probably a gift certificate for the garden store, nice, but . . . .this really meant a lot to her and I was so glad I was able to do it. She's awesome and definitely deserved it!
Thank you so much for stopping by today!! I hope you have a truly delightful Monday! I'm taking the kids back to school today after the last week off from Spring Break, so it's back to the normal routine and I'm glad! :) Take care!