Trying out a few new headers

Over this weekend I'm going to be trying out a few new headers. Once I replace one I'll add it to this post so you can see the previous ones. It's my brainstorming "aloud" if you will! So feel free to join in and let me know what you think! I'd love the feed back! :)

Version #1

The title with this header is "Paper With . . .". The idea behind it is explain each of my designs as paper with . . . buttons, or paper with . . .  stitching, or paper with . . .  a monochromatic scheme, using these as my post titles. 

Version #2

I'm thinking the name is too gigantic. Maybe a little smaller . . . we'll see.

Version #3

I'm liking this one. Just have to perfect the border. Wish I knew how to make the blogger template wider . . .

Version #4

I have to tell you, I am LOVING this process!! Thank you to everyone who has been leaving me comments! They are sooooo valuable to me, and to be honest, I love working this way - it is how I work when I'm designing professionally - it's a whittle down process, and I want to know your opinion! So thank you! Hopefully by the end of the day and with a couple more versions, I'll be all fresh and new for the week! :)

Version #5 
It's LIVE - I altered just a couple things from Version 4, then added a little tag line. I think I like it. :)

Hope you have a fun weekend!! Thanks for stopping by! :)