Circles & SRM Stickers!

Happy Thursday everyone!! Did you know that in April the challenge over at the SRM Stickers blog is circles? Yep! Today is my day to share my circle inspired creation along with using SRM Stickers. 
Out here in blogland I don't see a lot of 2 page layouts. Probably because it's difficult to see all the detail in such a small photo space (don't worry I have detailed shots for you below). But that is how I started scrapbooking so I love creating 2-pagers. They tell a nice seamless story in your albums about an event. Plus, what do you do when you have dozens of photos from one event and you don't want to create a mini album? A 2 pager is perfect. The photos I chose were from a trip to the firehouse with my kids last summer. It was when my son was obsessed with fire trucks so it was very special to me to capture everything - thus I have LOTS of pictures from it. Here's the breakdown of the pages.

I loved the idea of creating lots of circles from different patterns - they sort of look like wheels at the bottom of the page. Then I used the blue ric rac at the top, which my mom said looks sort of like water (shooting from a firehose) - I wouldn't go that far, but I like the juxtaposition of the water image with a firehouse. :) With so many photos I decided to keep the white space pretty large to bring the eye into the images - otherwise it might have looked really jumbled and messy with all the photos, patterns, shapes, etc. going on. Then I used a bunch of SRM Stickers to highlight feelings I thought my kids were experiencing while we were getting this really special tour of the firehouse. I put the stickers directly on the photos as well as over layers of paper and everything turned out seamless. I really like how it turned out and I think it captures that day well.

Here are the SRM Sticker sheets that I used for this layout:

Wow, that's a lot of stickers! But you know what, I was just thinking, Betsy Veldman summed it up best when she said (on the SRM Stickers blog on Monday)  that "SRM Sentiment Stickers are like the little black dress of the sticker world." It's totally true, and I am going to go one step further and say I think they are the little black dress of the paper crafting world - I really can't live without them now! I use all sorts of sticker sheets for all sorts of cards and layouts. Like the layout above, I used a July and an Outdoors stickers sheet on a firehouse layout! I love that you can trim them up how you like. Because they are so seamless and just melt into your paper, no one knows you altered the original sticker! They are completely customizable to your needs! I love that - I never do things by the rules when it comes to my crafting anyway, so they suit me perfectly!
Anyway, enough blabbing! I hope you are having a wonderful Thursday and thank you so much for stopping by! Don't forget to enter YOUR circle/sticker challenge entry here for your chance at being our next SRM Stickers Guest Designer!