Friday Flumps

I haven't crafted much this week partly because of my anniversary earlier in the week and because over the last couple weekends (and some days) I've been working valiantly on submissions, so I've been creatively worn-out  - that happens to me when I have constant creative energy for a while. I need to recharge. (And I needed to get caught up on some of my guilty pleasure TV shows - like American Idol and Project Runway!) So  I thought I might share some recent cards and layouts that I submitted for publication over the last couple months but were regected with a mighty "flump!" And looking back, I know why! I guess you need that distance to gain perspective sometimes! LOL!

This weekend it's supposed to be near 70 degrees here!! Awesome!! So we will be spending a lot of the time gettinig the beds outside all cleared and ready for bark and new plants - I can't wait!! I love this time of year!! My Catmint is coming back and my Heather bushes, even some of my Bunny Ears look like they survived their first winter in our yard, so I'm really excited!! Thanks for stopping by today!! I hope you have a wonderful Friday!!