So Blessed am I!

Today I'm just going to share a little about me, and a couple really cool things that have happened to me lately.

{A little about me}
Today is my 10th Anniversary to my super, fantastic husband! I can't say enough about how wonderfully my life changed 13 years ago when I met this man. He is my rock, my other half, my soft place to fall, my biggest fan and my best friend. It doesn't get much better, nope! I am blessed for certain.

Ten years ago today, infact as I write this it was about time for the ceremony that took place on the beach in Kauai, Hawaii, bare feet and all! It was picturesque and perfect. We had a largish reception before our ceremony in Washington with our family and friends, then we had only 12 people at our actual ceremony. It was fantastic! We always thought we'd go back to Kauai for our 10th Anniversary, but we NEVER thought at the time, that we'd be living on the East Coast with my hubby working in NYC. That was the FURTHEST from our plans! LOL. It just goes to show how life takes you in all sorts of directions. :) And now here we are - 2 kids, a cross-coast move, an MBA earned (on his part), 3 homes owned, a handful of hard times and millions of wonderful times later. Life has been very good to us. As I mentioned before, I am blessed, for certain.

{A couple cool things}
Yesterday I uploaded this card onto my Two Peas Gallery. I have really just started uploading to this gallery, so I am always tickled when someone leaves me a little love on my projects. Two Peas has always been VERY intimidating to me. There's millions of projects and people on that thing - it's CRAZY! So imagine my complete stupor when I saw THIS:

Wait, who's that, you say??? Let's take a closer look!

MELLYPEA!! Are you kidding me??? She left a comment on MY card???? Wha????? Now, I don't know how often she leaves comments, but I was BLOWN away!!! So, please, don't spoil it if she leaves comments for everyone - I'm enjoying this moment! LOL. I thought this was soo cool! And, MellyPea, if you are out there THANK YOU!!!! You made my day!!
Second and third cool things - 
I had 3 cards picked up last week for the August issues of CARDS (2) and Scrapbook Trends (1).  WOW! I am so excited! It was the first time I've had multiple pieces picked up for the same issue, so I'm excited! Then, I was also picked as a February favorite at Inspired Blueprints for this layout. It was a GREAT week! Again, I'm feeling truly blessed and thankful!!
Okay, thanks for indulging me by reading my little "Toots" (BTW I really don't like saying that, because in our house that's the word we use for passing, you know, well ::whisper:: gaaaas - so everytime I read that, I think "I really don't want to tell people about that!" LOL!) ANYWAY. Thanks for indulging me, and coming by to check up on me! I'll have more craftiness to share later this week! Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!