As promised - sort of . . . :)

As promised - (drum roll please . . . eh-hmm, drum roll . . .) A great line from N.L. Christmas Vacation . . 
1) I have my system for storing my stamps all ready for you! (Keep scrolling for that)
2) As (not so) promised, I have another scrap card to show you that I forgot about! It's been sitting on my desk for nearly a week, and I was overlooking it! BTW, I had to laugh yesterday when I saw the couple of comments that took my "finale" title a little more serious than I was intending . . . silly girls! You are just going to have to keep putting up with me! LOL. I was trying to say after a week of Valentines made of my scraps, I was ready to throw in that towel for some other creative projects. He, he!

So here goes! First, the scrappy Valentine's card. This was inspired by Paige's great ribbon card last week posted on the CARDS blog here. I was just starting to finish up my scrap-tacular posts, and room re-org when I discovered I had a ton of ribbon scraps. When I saw her card, I thought, a-ha! There's a solution to my problem. Plus, I had this scrap of kraft left over from a heart die cut I did. One thing led to another and voila - quick easy, cute and fab(ric) card - well what do you know, that is the challenge this week over at the CARDS blog, why yes it is!! I must be a little loopy today from being inside all day - forgive me! :)

Next up, how I store my stamps.
Now mind you, I do not like wood mounted stamps - never have - just not my thing. I can't justify all the space they take up. But when the clear stamps took off, I fell in love - sort of. At first they were great, until I started to accumulate LOTS of them. I found, I wasn't able to find them quickly, and it became very frustrating. Everyone packages them differently and it just became a headache for me. I came up with this idea a couple years ago, but never took the time to execute it. But then, I found someone who had - my scrapping idol - Piradee! When I saw this post, I knew there had to be an answer for mine, too. So I started doing a little research, and this is what I have come up with and I LOVE it!! (Can you hear me singing? Yes, I am singing - I L-O-V-E I-T!!!!)

Here are some images of the supplies that I use:

{Heavy Duty 3" Binder} 
This binder is great and it is very durable from Staples. It comes in great colors, like turquoise, orange, white, but I chose black to keep things simple and easy to keep clean. I now have 5 of these and everything is categorized how I want them.
{Clear Archival Safe Binder Pockets} 
I chose these over the traditional top insert sheet protectors for a couple reasons. First, they are much more thick and durable, they don't wrinkle. Second, if you look close, you can see they have a diagonal opening which makes it easy to grab out of and put your sheets away. Again, I got these at Staples.
{Acrylic Sheets - 81/2 x 11")
This was my goldmine moment. I had been looking for acrylic sheets everywhere, but could only find them in 12x12 or small square sizes without going industrial. Maybe I wasn't looking in the right places, but when I saw these at Papertrey Ink - (they call them "clear cardstock"), I was absolutely giddy! They come in a pack of 10, they are crystal clear and they were the right size. I have bought probably close to 10 packs of these now. 
{Crystal Clear Archival Safe Tape}
Now you're ready to get organizing!
{STEP 1}
Get out your acrylic sheet of stamps as it was packaged. 
Now most of my stamps were Close to My Heart, Martha Stewart and a few odds and ends. I know that PTI are a little different and I'll explain how I did those in the next step. But this is for stamps that have an acrylic sheet with the stamp images printed on them directly already.
{STEP 2}
Get out a sheet of the PTI acrylic and place your stamp set upside-down on the acrylic sheet. 
I have cropped this image to almost exactly the perimeter of the letter-sized acrylic sheet. Your stamps should be on top of both it's manufacturer's acrylic sheet and the PTI acrylic. *For my PTI stamps, I took the large sticker with all the printed images and just stuck that directly onto the front of my acrylic sheet. I had to gingerly remove it from the CD case that they suggested to store them in, but I prefer my system much more, so going forward I won't have to do that step, I'll just take their sticker and place it on my sheet to suit my needs.
{STEP 3}
Get out your crystal clear scrapbooking tape - I use Scotch brand.
I have highlighted in blue circles where you should tape the manufacturer's acrylic sheet down to the PTI acrylic. Now, sometimes you may have to pick up at stamp to get your tape down, and of course that is okay. I just found that taping down all the sides AND making sure that when you are at the edge of the PTI sheet, to tape OVER the edge to ensure a stable fit.
{STEP 4}
There are 2 different ways you can do this step and I do both. So.....
Get out your clear binder pocket.
The two ways that I complete this step are:
a) use the foam sheet that my CTMH stamps come with and place it behind my stamp set for protection and prevent sticking to the back of my pocket - See below for those ideas.
b) use another sheet of acrylic to cover the back side of the stamps. In this photo, I used this method because this stamp set did not come with a foam sheet. 
{STEP 5}
Get out your binder
In this image you can see on the left where my stamps that I just completed are. They have the acrylic sheet behind them. On the right you can see the foam I was referring to. You can also see how I customized my manufacturer's sheet to fit on my letter sized acrylic by cutting it down and rotating it to fit on my page. In that center column, you can add a lot more stamps, so that is what I do. Here's another example.
You can see the foam really easily here. Plus, what I do is make sure that I am utilizing both sides of my clear pockets and space in my binders by putting an additional acrylic sheet full of stamps back to back in each pocket folder. This doubles my space and makes it quick and easy to just flip through my books looking for the stamp that I need. 
So that does it! What do you think? I love my system and I genuinely think that I will stamp more because of it's ease of use. 
Today has been a strange day in that my hubby was home, but he worked most of the day, so I didn't see him until about 3PM today, that is why I had to wait to post. The kids were off school and we all just played, watched tv, colored and played some more. We have about 3-4 inches of snow, but it is starting to pick up now, so we'll see what the evening brings. I hope wherever you are you are nice and warm! Take care! And thank so much for stopping by today!  :)
{Supply List}
I Love You
Cardstock (PTI), Ribbon (CTMH, Offray, DMC), Marker (CTMH), Flowers (CTMH, Sassafras), Stamp (CTMH), Brads (CTMH)