Haiti and Cards for St. Jude's Children's Hospital

Aren't we all so lucky? This past week has been such a sobering reminder that everything can change in an instant, for anyone. I was reminded, as I am sure you were, of just how much we are all privledged to have in our lives - clean water, food, shelter, medical help at the ready, education, and even enough extra money to have a hobby. It almost seems silly in relation.
My heart is broken by the images I've seen on television and online of those suffering in Haiti. It just doesn't seem right when there was so much suffering there already. I've felt helpless. I know that when Katrina hit New Orleans my Mom was able to go to Mississippi to help with the clean up efforts. I was desperate to do the same, but as a SAHM it just wasn't possible. However, in this case the major need is money for basic supplies - food, water, shelter. I just read a story about an orphanage that is desperate for water and food for over 100 children. They need us. Here is a list of reputable charities that will ensure your funds will go directly to the cause.
UPDATE (1-18-10) : There is now an ETSY Store (Craft Hope) where you can help contribute to Doctors without Borders in Haiti with 100% of the proceeds going to that cause! Please go to the store or to this link for more information.
Also, these prints, seen below, by Claudia Pearson, are for sale for only $20 - and 25% of those proceeds will go to a fundraiser for the organization Yele Haiti.
In addition, there's another need seeking our contribution right now.

The very talented, Ms. Winter, is organizing a fantastic and simply brilliant event over at her blog. She is organizing a Valentines card drive the entire month of Januray to benefit the kids at St. Jude's Children's Hospital in Tennessee. The hospital sees over 200 children each day and she wants to make sure that all those precious babes receive a Valentine's card on the 14th of February.

My 7 year old daughter and I will be working all week on cards for this wonderful cause. What is better, really, than seeing a child smile? Not much in my book. I hope you will join me in contributing to this worthy cause. If you plan on contributing, please go to Winter's blog for all the details. I am sure she'd love to hear from you. I will give you an update later in the week with how our card making went.

In the meantime be thankful, so very thankful for all your blessings, which are many.