25 Things I'm Looking to do in 2010!!

I am sooo looking forward to 2010!!! Now that my youngest is in preschool and becoming more independent, I am feeling liberated to do things that I have been putting off for the last several years in an effort to take the best care of my kids - isn't that what every mom does - put themselves on the backburner? But I'm ready to reclaim myself! Ultimately, what I really want is just more balance. I'm not always the best at balance - I tend to throw myself into something completely, like being a Mom, or before kids it was work. But I think now, I am ready for balance. So here's my list of things I want to accomplish this year, in 2010. Not resolutions but more so goals I aim to achieve.

1) Take better care of myself, physically and emotionally.


2) Take more time to scrapbook
3) Spend more time with friends
4) Utilize a babysitter more often
5) Submit 25 cards for publication - hope that at 5 are picked
6) Submit 10 layouts for publication - hope that 1 is picked
7) Read more books - try to read 1/month

8) Begin training for a tri-athalon
9) Take a photography class

10) Learn to knit - I'd love to be able to take on Vogue Knitting, someday!

11) Buy and wear my first pair of high heels - it's so cute to wear with jeans!

12) Get back into my single digit sized jeans!
13) Volunteer with my family during the holidays
14) Visit NYC all four seasons
15) Go to DC and stay with family in Baltimore
16) Take a much needed vacation to Napa with hubby for 10th anniversary
17) Create more, buy less.
18) Go to a minor league baseball game
19) Go to Maine
20) Do more, analyze less.
21) Get more organized
22) Continue using coupons - this year I save over $1000 in groceries just by clipping! Awesome! I'm trying for $1500 this year!

23) Attend a crop weekend with friends
24) Do something that is outside of my comfort zone
25) Utilize Allrecipes.com and Epicurious.com more

Have you started a goal list for the New Year? It's going to be a great one, I can feel it!