Seeking Zen

I haven't created anything or posted in a few days. Many things are going on here. Preparations for the holidays being one - that's ongoing. But there have been many emotionally draining side-happenings going on as well here.

First, my sister lost 2 close friends in a car accident this last weekend. An engaged couple just starting their lives - taken entirely too soon, along with another family that was lost in the accident. Simply heartbreaking and tragic. Secondly, a couple weeks ago, my son was positively evaluated for Sensory Processing Disorder, which my daughter also suffers with. Now I am in the waiting game to see if our insurance will cover his 1x/week Occupational Therapy, which they did not with my daughter - I just want my poor kids to get the help they need. Then (good news), my brother-in-law came home to his family this morning from Afghanistan and nearly an entire 2 years away from his wife and our nephews. A wonderful homecoming for certain! Lastly, my little boy has another (at least 5th this year - I say 'at least' because he doesn't always tell us when his ears bother him so it could have been more) ear infection and possible strep throat. After a trip to the pediatrician this morning he's on antibiotics again, and I am feeling that tubes may be the next avenue we may need to follow.

I feel simply spent. My family are all 3000 miles away and I am terribly homesick -  I need them and they need me and it is so hard not being able to just hop in the car to be with them. So I am Seeking Zen. Calm. Breathe. Quiet. All will be alright . . . .

Zen photo from Flickr found here.