Moxie Fab World - Christmas in the Old Country #3

Here's my 3rd submission for the Moxie Fab World - Christmas in the Old Country Challenge. There are SOOOOOO many beautiful submission for this contest, I don't envy Cath and her job of choosing the winners!
For this card I did a couple of things a little bit the same, a little bit different than some previous cards I've made. I simplified my apron lace border punch Christmas tree only utilizing a few layers and in a singular color.
{Apron Lace Tree}
Very easy to do. Simply cut several border punched strips (for this card I don't think I used more than a full 12" length), then trim the total width to 1 inch.Decide how wide you want the width of your bottom layer of your tree and trim that (leaving a little wider than you want), then gradually shorten the strips as you go up. Once all your strips are in place (they won't look pretty, yet), you'll want to find the center point of your bottom layer of the tree (using an odd number of scallops makes this easier). From that point, mark with a pencil the center point on your top layer. Using an exacto knife or paper trimmer, trim the diagonal from the center point at the top of the tree to your determined outer edge. Repeat the same on the other side. Cut in the downward direction so as not to accidentally pull on the layers. Does this all make sense? If not and you are interested, I can do a tutorial. Let me know.
{Cross Stitched Hand Stitching}
I am loving handstitching on my cards. It adds such a hands-on quality to the feel of the card, I think. Plus, for me, it allows me to add a slightly more illustrative quality to my work, which I love. As a designer, illustration is something that I am always drawn to (no pun intended). Plus I have an affinity for beautiful cross stitching, especially Christmas inspired. My grandmother and my MIL both were/are cross stitchers. My grandmother made these beautiful Christmas ornaments for us as kids that I still hold dear and really have inspired the way I decorate my home for the holidays. So there's also an element of nostalgia as well.

Cardstock: PTI
Ribbon: Fancy Pants, Michael's Stores
Floss: DMC
Button: CTMH, Joann Fabric
Waxy Flax: CTMH
Stamp: CTMH
Pearls: Recollections